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Thursday, March 31, 2016

Deliberate Posting

Social media runs rampant in our modern society. We keep connections with people far away and within our close circles. We use it to post our thoughts, jokes, news and enlightening memes.

Through my experience, I have found that some people use it as a tool of expression. It turns into a thought and feeling transmitter to the internet universe.They take the pleasure in posting as if the whole world is their audience. What is really going on? 

Are they using statuses as a type of therapy so they don't have to hold in all their frustrations? Are they posting to vent? Are they posting to show gratitude? Are they posting to just feel some type of connection? 

Some people post with the subconscious intention of trying to get affirmation or likes so their dopamine receptors buzz like tiny massage elves. It becomes a habit. As if the rat is constantly pushing that button for "more drugs", " more pleasure." We give ourselves the illusion that some people care about what we are thinking. We tend to post before we think. It becomes an immediate action that comes from the unchecked insecurities in all of us. Maybe some people are, but why involve yourself in what other people think? What's the return on that investment? 

It would be possible to critique the negligence and unconsciousness of what people post, but it is important to be proactive in how we can mindfully use social media. Social media is a tool that can be used for good and teach us how we can improve our lives with technology.
We can change the compulsory nature of consistent posting and place it towards intentional action. We can make a space in ourselves to deliberately look at why and what we are posting. Think of it as a filter that allows you to analyze and be critical of your thought processes. Not condemning. Not judging. It involves being more of a witness to your thoughts. It involves being present and aware. 

Some questions to ask: 
Does this post serve in bringing about growth or awareness in myself or others?

Does this post have the potential enrich ones life with humor or compassion? 

Does this status allow for better connection among other people on social media? 

Does this post polarize, judge or condemn the actions of another human being?

Does this post give me a false sense of self? 

Am I posting just to see how many likes I can get? 

Am I posting because I give myself the impression that I am witty or clever?

Does this post do more harm than good?

Will this post act as a teacher or further in growth of my inner awareness? 

Am I posting to cover up an insecurity or escape a bad thought or memory? 

Am I posting my private matters and what is the benefit to yourself or others?

Are you posting for a plea for help? 

Are you posting because you feel a lack of affection, connection or loneliness?

Is this post made out of compulsion or is it intentional? 

Is this post a representation of my authentic self? 

You could keep asking yourself these questions. You could just keep posting without thinking about it. You could post because you think it gives you temporary relief from your stresses. You could keep posting because it allows you to cope with the "real world". 

The important thing is to start with yourself. Set your intention. If that intention aligns with your presence and authentic being, a post of gratitude would be of great benefit. 

You get what you GIVE. 


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