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Friday, October 9, 2015

Them Vs. Us is Unjust

I do declare that Them Vs. Us is unjust, 
We sometimes do not know who can trust, 
We get stuck in our ways and get fixed on a gaze, 
We surround ourselves with a collective haze, 

They'll side with their views and have various news, 
On things that they want you to know, 
They'll convince you they're right and even use a tactic to fright, 
To get you to submit to their ideas. 
They'll think they know best and not consider the rest, 
That maybe there is more to their own agenda, 

They will make up a name to fit their regime and make a point to tell you they're better, 
Their sense of humanity is stunted,
Their ideology will trump it, 
And eliminate facts and reason. 

Appeal to your emotion, 
Cater to your inner desires, 

They will promise you freedom and make you think that you need them, 
Even if they are making up along the way, 
Values out the window, 
It's for the betterment of the whole, 

The others you see, 
Don't know what they are doing, 
Our right way is the only way, 
Convince them that them are not us, 
And their existence is unjust, 
That their ideas are the enemies, 

Don't bother to understand, 
Just stick to the plan, 
And focus on divide and conquer, 

Sure they are human, 
But they're misunderstood, 
If only they knew what you knew,
If only they believed what you believed, 
If only they know what this grass felt like on the toes, 

Compare and contrast, 
It simply won't last, 
You'll swim far away from your empathy, 
After a while when you wake up,
You'll see the fallacies of your beliefs. 

Belief is a prison, 
You're perspective is a poison,
You're being violent to your fellow brother, 
You seemed to have forgotten,
That we have all been gotten, 
By ideas that divide us to disaster, 

Them vs. Us is simply unjust, 
Since them is us and us is them,
Resisting your brother is killing a friend, 
That exists in our core, 
We should know more, 
That all this belief are simply misunderstandings, 

Notice the collective and see their directive, but never fall into the trap. 
For the time you decide to divide and take sides, 
You'll slowly,
Your own, 


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