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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Presence over productivity

Busy! Busy! Busy! 

We are socially conditioned as young people that we need to be an asset or contribute something worthwhile to society. Our economy and culture influences us to be production machines and focus our hard work and energy on all things productive. That is our modus operandi. 

Not getting enough done? 
Not fulfilling your inner drive to produce more content for people that may or may not take the time to look at it? 

Sure you get up early and hit the grindstone with illuminated motivation, but what are you actually doing? How are you contributing anything important?

Quantity over quality.
In this high speed rat race social media influenced tornado Goliath, our productivity takes the front seat in determining our general well being. It's all about completed a never ending to do list to keep the mind and attention busy. The mind is pleased by all the pleasant and non-pleasant distraction that radiates like a beacon from the exhausted mouse on the wheel in your head. 

When you find a time in your day where there is a lull what do you do? 

Do you reach for your phone? 

Do you immediately try to escape the boredom landscape in your head and try to distract your lack of attention and awareness with something else? 

The mind tries to convince you that it must be continually busy. It perpetuates thought after thought. 

The mind asks: 

What should I being doing right now? 
What do I beed to finish?
Do I need to go to the grocery store? 
Do I have enough supplies for work tomorrow? 
Should I do laundry soon? 

All these questions are some sort of distraction in a sense. It is the lack of awareness and self knowledge that perpetuates the compulsive thought that so drives us and society. We feel like we have an obligation to keep working and to keep producing.

Why can't we sit still? 
Why can't we stand straight and watch the theatrics of humanity unfold before our eyes? 

Most of out consumerist based product economy is based upon tangible objects and transitory distractions. There is an app for that! Here, look at this new gadget! Don't you want it?! I mean look at all the things it can do for you ! 
What does add to our general well being? 

Each day we ( the general population) focus on doing and getting things done. We are trained to compete and complete. We feel we must meet a certain productivity standard in order to fulfill our happiness and sense of contentment. This is a trap! This will only perpetuate itself with more power! 

When compulsive thought is the driving factor in motivating action without awareness, it is of the mind and not directed towards internal growth. This truth will help you realize the legitimacy and value of your so called productivity. Take a deep breath and step back! 

How many projects do you have going on? 
How many are necessary? 
How many are just in place to fulfill your monkey mind and perpetuate more unconscious doings? 
What are the most important things?
What are you the most PASSIONATE about ?!

When you are present, you make the necessary space both internally and externally to accomplish what needs to be done. You flow without hesitation. You use your attention and drive to accomplish things in an orderly fashion without worrying it will get done. The mere concept of productivity becomes a useless construct. When you are pursuing productivity only for the sake of productivity, you are deceiving yourself and depriving yourself from well being and awareness. 

Are you busy for the sake of being busy? 
Are you busy because you think you should? 
Do you feel guilty when you aren't busy? 
Do people criticize you on your work ethic? 
Do you feel like it is never enough? 

These are all questions you must ask yourself. Presence must take priority over productivity. When presence enters consciousness, contentment, conviction, and intention drive what needs to get done. If a pressing deadline needs attention, you must recenter yourself. Breathe in a couple of times and let the answers unfold. Understand that the obstacle is the way and that distraction will happen. Learn from the experience of getting things done. With presence comes efficiency and knowledge. With presence comes the immediacy to accept what is and complete what is not. 


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