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Thursday, October 29, 2015

I think I know what's best for you

Hey you!
Yes, you ! 
I think I know what's best for you! 
I think it's true, but do you?
Do you even think you know what is best for yourself? I doubt it. You're trapped in your own head. Sure you have personal responsibility, but do you have the drive and the vigor to better yourself? Do you have the self awareness to analyze and learn in order to progress as a smarter ad healthier human being ? 

Why do I think I know what is best for you? 

Well certainly I know what is best for myself. Don't I? Do you think that you know what is best for me? I mean if I simply think that I know what is best for you, isn't that enough to validate my own view? In fact I think that you should listen to me as I lay out what is best for you. I can assure you that what is best for you will be best for me as well. 

Why even take the time to convince you that I know what is best for you? 

I am convinced through my logical and rational thinking that my experiences and compound knowledge sees a bigger picture that you see. I mean you can only see yourself in a mirror and judge your actions from the viewpoint of your own mindset, correct? I have a different perspective that might enlighten you in how you could improve yourself. Certainly you could ignore me. Certainly you could ostracize yourself from me and not listen to what I have to say. What would that do exactly? Wouldn't you be walking away from the potential of improving yourself? Who would want to ignorantly walk away from betterment? Certainly not I! 

I can assure you that what I think is best is for the "greater good". Not only will my thoughts influence your thoughts, but my it will change the way you think and live life. It will open you up in ways that you would have never have dreamt. How can I prove to you that I know what is best for you? 

Well I cannot right now, but I can promise you with reward and wisdom. I can convince you that the sacrifices I think you should take will override your personal sovereignty and be better for the entire world. I can tell you how I will do things for you such as give you free gifts and promise you entitlements. I will offer you happiness in the future. Forget about the illusory concept of happiness now! Happiness is on the other side of what I have to say and what I think you should do. You hear me? 

I think I can lead you. You could be a great follower. My benefit will be your benefit. We shall share benefits. I shall grant you benefits. I can mold you into a leader that can create more leaders. I will teach you the importance of obedience and discipline. I will promise you the eventual reward of competency and equality. Stay with me. Walk with me. Eat from the bowl that I cook. 

All I need is your undivided attention. When you listen, I will offer you a path that you cannot refuse. I will persuade you to act out certain things that I think are best for you. Since I know what is best for you, all actions are justified and what you think becomes invalid. Remember, that obedience is an importance virtue. Remember that the betterment of the whole between you, me and the others take precendence over what you want. Think of the children. Think of the future of the world. 

You will realize that the simple thought that arose in my mind that led me to think I know what is best for you, is correct. It is the light and the way. My experience supercedes your experience. My thoughts hold more weight than your thoughts. Your right may be my wrong and that is ok. Your rights shall be granted by me and my concept of wrong will influence your sense of morality. It is not what you think is right in your conscience, it is about what I think is right for you and me. If your sense of right does not match up with mine, you shall shamed and fined. Trust me. It will be a lesson in obedience and overall morality. My sense of morality is the right sense of morality. 

I now shall become your ruler. I think I know what is best for you. The best way for me to show this is to rule you. I grant myself to rule you. Are you ok with this? Have I convinced you otherwise? If you think that I cannot be your ruler, than I must enforce it since my perspective holds more weight than yours. I have been blessed with the ability to rule. It is my responsibility to keep my people in check and in compliance with my demands.

Since I know what is best for you, I will need some money from you. I can assure you that it is a good idea. I will make good use of your money for what I think is best for you. This will free up your mind in not worrying too much about yourself. No reason to really worry about yourself when I have your back right? Just sit down, listen and follow my directions. I will just need some of your time and money. I promise not to take too much. It is for the betterment of how I think your like should operate. 

Don't want to give me money? 
That's fine. I can find a way to get it from you. I mean why won't you trust me? I can give you so many things? I can offer you so much reward. Sure you may have to make some sacrifices, but from the goodness of your heart why can't you see the truth in what I am saying. Follow me and I will forgive you of your past transgressions. 

So are you in or are you out? 
Do I have your consent to take control?
Have I made a case to gain your trust? 

Since I think I know what is best for you I am going to go ahead and just take charge. The people that will follow me will help me get more followers willingly or unwillingly. Don't worry. Just relax and rejoice in the revolution. You can join us or fight back. 

Do you think you know what is best for me? 

Well I don't think so. I think I'll peacefully walk away and have a cup of tea. 


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