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Friday, October 23, 2015

Morning Meditation

Alright here we go.. 

Focus on the breathing. 
In and out. 
In and out through the nose. 
Counting to 5 and release. 
Oh yea, smile. 
Can't forget to smile. 
Should I have my eyebrows raised? 
Ok, well, no not important. 
Alright, so breathing yes, back to breathing. 
Where was I? Was I counting? 
Should I keep count or just do this till I am done? 
Wait, when will I know when I'm done? 
I should have set an alarm. 
But wait that could have just messed everything up if I was in some deep meditation. When do I finish? 
Ok yea,
Back to breathing, 
breathe out. 
Oh crap gotta get some creamer today and maybe some incense and rice. 
Gotta make some food for the next few days since eating out gets so expensive. 
Ok, what else for today?
Oh wait I'm suppose to be breathing. I can think about this later. 
Breathing in, breathing in, 
I haven't checked my bank account in a few days...wonder where it's at. Shoot, do I have enough money for food? 
Aye, I hope so... 
Ok I was breathing out right? 
Or was I breathing in? 
Ok I'll start over. I'll breathe in for 6 and hold for 5. Then I'll breathe out for 8. That seems reasonable right? 
Ok here goes. 

That wasn't so bad.
Ok here we go again... 
Breathing in, Breathing in, 

( Phone Rings ) 

Oh I wonder who that is? 
I should just let it ring. 
But it's early... Could be important. 
Ok, I should get it. 


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