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Thursday, October 29, 2015

It has taken control

It has taken control, 
You're mesmerized by media,
It has taken control, 
The constant unconscious scrolling, 
It has taken control, 
Conversations are interrupted, 
You are losing control, 
You're driven by compulsion, 
You think they might care,
So you take a pic or video,
And quickly hit share, 
Compiling together a long string of imagery, 
That feeds the mind and keeps your from misery, 
The mystery of the moment is immediately lost, 
And your presence has created a pretty big cost, 

Sure you would like to stay connected, 
But you fail to see how your life might be affected, 
Boredom is our enemy,
Thank god for your phone,
To deliver you from evil of an unsettling tone,
Just sitting and relaxing has become so obscured,
We would much rather prefer an useless cure,
For the escape of self knowledge and inner discovery, 
We stay on the surface with increasing drudgery, 

Compulsion drives the horse that runs in circles, 
It makes us believe that we need to be whirled, 
A like has the right to please our dopamine sensors,
And we love to connect at any measure, 
But we have lost with what we need most? 
A community of helpful individuals either to grow? 
Where short interactions are in no need of demand and meaningful conversations make us take a stand, 
For the things that mean most have been lost in a web, 
And technology has tricked us to stay in our head, 
It may seem like a struggle to change, 
But the obstacle ahead is merely the way,
It takes small steps, but each of them are huge, 
Going against the status quo, 
Will ring to be quite true, 

So has it taken control after reading this piece, 
Or are you starting to realize this imaginary disease, 
Humanity is right here whenever you need it, 
It just all depends on what you choose to feed it. 


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