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Thursday, October 1, 2015

Resistance fuels your existence

How are you feeling ? 


Why are you feeling alright? What is getting you down? Is it an external factor in your world that is taking up space in your inner world? Is it the irritation of boredom or not simply getting what you want? Are you anxious about the future and resentful about the past? 

I think a more direct and important question to ask is: "What are you resisting?" What is it in your current life situation that is keeping you from achieving something or simply being at peace in your life? Are you trying to discipline your mind into a routine of positive thought? Are you motivating yourself by accepting what is instead of trying to blindly follow your ambitions? 

Surrendering to the present moment is something that is getting lost in the modern world. We pride ourselves in achieving external accolodes and goals in the "real world" instead of deeply diving into ourselves. We let money rule our lives with an iron fist and bury out faces in electronics to ease the pain around us. 

A person's tendency to control every aspect of their life grows out of the discontentment and uncertainty of the future and personal desires. The inherent striving to become something more than what you are is a resistance to what is. The compulsive train of thought that guides us each day in trying to achieve what we want to achieve is actually a roadblock of sorts. Blindly making lists without setting intentions will further drive you into a path of discontentment. 

" I am content with discontent." 

When you are present in the moment, you can immediately see the discontent in front of you and see its inherent fraud. Once you recognize it without identifying or being sucked into it discontent, you be content with what it actually is. It allows to dive deep into your consciousness and ask yourself some important questions.

"What is the meaning of this discontent?" 
"Why do I choose to allow discontent to run my life or validate who I am as a person?" 

Since discontent is the absence of content, we can see that it born out of lack of self knowledge and identification with the ego. Discontentment is the resistance to the present moment and the supplier of perpetual sorrow. 

Emotions are good guides in determining how you should handle a situation in your life. The key is to not let these emotions take over your consciousness and create more suffering and resistance. Emotions can be indicators of your intuition communicating with your consciousness. When you are attentive to emotions and let them pass, you are feeing up your resistance to your inner and outer situations. 

A simple trick is this. 

When a compulsive thought, a bad past feeling or uncomfortable feeling arises in your consciousness, do not try to "fix" it. Try closing your eyes and taking a deep breath while truly feeling what is impacting you. After you take a deep breath, label the emotions felt and say them in your head or out loud. Sometimes it is best to say things out loud(depending on certain social circumstances) in order to hold your self accountable and just hold in the restraint of your head space. It is kind of like mindfully letting of steam without resistancing a thought or emotion with aggression or neglect. 

When you recenter and align yourself with the present moment, you are letting go of the grabby fists that have put a stranglehold on your joy and contentment. You are letting go of the social and mental conditioning that has molded your brain into the form it is now. It is saying, " I know that my perception and my consciousness are being affected by resistance and when I surrender and breathe, I can truly be." 

Letting go of the resistance to the present moment and things that you simply cannot change takes practice. It takes the attentiveness and self knowledge to really get yourself in the habit of being more present. There is no end goal, but there will be a point of "flow" where you can effortlessly open yourself to opportunities you would have never seen before in your monkey mind. You can be passively aware of the dance of the life and the amazing certainty of uncertainty in this world. The lack of resistance can open the doors to spontaneity, opportunity and most importantly creativity. 

All that you need is with you right now. As you read this, you are expanding your self knowledge and slowly letting go of the stranglehold in your mind. You can make yourself more vulnerable and relax with whatever will happen in the future. You can relax with the fact that every decision you have ever made has made who you are today whether "good" or "bad". You can acknowledge to yourself that universe can surprise you and give you everything you want and need when you surrender. Letting go of control makes for a more interesting, wholehearted and fulfilling life. When you hop off the lustful desire train, you can allow for love to flow through. You allow love to enter you life and inner space when resistance does not fuel your existence. 


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