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Friday, July 8, 2016

This or that / All or Nothing

" If you aren't with the US govt, you are with the terrorists." 

" You are either with us or them." 

We have heard this before in many transmutations. Someone will try to push their agenda by creating a false dichotomy. A false binary and neglects and chooses not to accept the fluidity of nuanced opinion. It subjugates and divides people in order to advance a personalized, biased and non curious fixed pattern of thinking. It's an easy and tricky thing to do, but at it's core is fallacious and ultimately harmful in the long run. 

It is a logical fallacy. 
Here it is from Wikipedia. 

false dilemma (also calledfalse dichotomyfalse binary,black-and-white thinkingbifurcation,denying a conjunct, the either–or fallacyfallacy of exhaustive hypotheses, the fallacy of false choice, or the fallacy of the false alternative) is a type of informal fallacythat involves a situation in which only limited alternatives are considered, when in fact there is at least one additional option. The opposite of this fallacy is argument to moderation.[citation needed]

They want you and us to choose sides. 
One side to advance the ideologies against the "other" ideology. 
Are any of them right? 

Using this fallacy, does not act as a replacement for an argument. It is simply not at argument. It is the end of curiosity, patience, thinking and compassion. Picking sides is detrimental in people focused on growth and education. It closes you off and makes you less inquisitive. It makes you more susceptible to "Group Think". The False "We". 

You must question everything. 

Be a skeptic in everyone's information. 
Investigate how a person thinks the way they think. Why do they think that way? 

What kind of people do they hang out with that influence their methodology of cognition and beliefs? 

Why simply label someone? 
Is it for the benefit of us to simply move on and push people out of our lives superficially? 
We can allow nuanced opinion to widen our perspectives. To widen our understanding. 

 We can allow ourselves to be compassionate and curious with the patience to understand how minds work. 

It begins with coming from a place of non resistance and non judgment. We can switch from an agenda based mindset to a fluid and spontaneous focus on listening. Bringing out attention in, we can witness how our insecurities arise when we feel are views are being challenged. 

No more right vs. wrong. 
It moves towards the common ground and truth. The surrender to accept opinions as opinions and truth as truth. It is the patience to really see why someone thinks something and not what they think.

About making the unconscious conscious. 

The this or that is an illusion that puts us at a stand still. It inhibits growth. 

Let's commune with the acceptance that all of us exist here at the same very moment for a reason. 

The reason to share. 
The reason to awaken. 
The reason to simply accept and surrender that uncertainty exists for the benefit of us to become more conscious of the present moment and the inspiration of being alive. 

So, if anyone puts you in the false dilemma corner, look at them and tell them that they are right. Meet them with compassion. Tell them you fully understand. 

If it doesn't serve in your growth, drop it.

Accept and move on. 


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