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Saturday, July 30, 2016

Anger is a gift.

I am grateful for anger. 

This was a hard thing to do. It was a hard thing to come to terms with. I've been angry enough to know that is has lead me to the more conscious person I am today. The crippling rage and hot anger has taught me many things. Those experiences of anger have lead to my inner peace. Anger has given me strength. Not through the mood itself, but through the witness to the mood. 

Through each angry moment in my life, I have learned how to see it. I acknowledged that is a passing emotion. I have tried to control it. Most of the it was bottled, which is a terrible thing to do. Resisting those angry moments only gave it more power. It only legitimized it. I came to realize that most of the anger lived through me because I thought that I needed to control and I chose to identify with it's fallacious nature. 

I told myself I was angry. In actuality, I wasn't angry. Anger was inside of me. I only became that anger when I unconsciously identified with my ego/self. 
I was seeing anger as my enemy and not my teacher. When I realized that the identification with the passing discomfort of anger was the root cause, I had a moment of clarity. A moment of gratitude and a moment to consciously bring myself back into the present. 

That's the key. The ability to bring yourself back to the present. A surrender if you will. A willingness to make yourself vulnerable and uncomfortable with the idea of letting go. We can make that choice conscious. You can also move in the other direction by recognizing that anger has a gifted energy. 

Why did you become angry in the first place? 
Is there something inside of you that triggered such emotional turmoil? 

Well, the answer to that question is most certainly a yes. Since the inner is a reflection of the outer, people can act as door openers for our insecurities. When we unconsciously submit to anger, we look the other way from ourself. We want to blame, shame and scold. Why is that? 

Something in us is unresolved. 

Something in us is begging for us to give it attention. Whether you like it or not, it is for the best. It is here for your growth. Your reaction is the key factor in how you deal with it. Your resistance and lack of self knowledge is what fuels that unconscious anger. 

Anger is part of our evolutionary biology. We may experience it from the imprint of prior generations. It may be in our genes. It may be the conditioning of our childhoods and the legacy of our families. It may be linked to an adaptation to the survival of our species. The great thing is, now we can be curious and look deeper and questions its motives and legitimacy. We can see it as part of the conditioned monkey mind. A work in progress. A chance to improve our lives for the betterment of our health, relationships and the proliferation of the human race. 

"Well, what shall we do to get rid of anger?" 

That is not the point. To get rid of anger is to grasp on to an ideological substrate of false self and comfort. Quickly looking for a solution is not learning. Trying to get rid of anger is the hardy work of the ego. It might tell you, " If I get rid of this anger, I will live a much happier and fulfilling life." 
That is the rabbit that you will never catch. 

"When we are conscious of anger, we can be constructive, proactive and assertive with our intentions. We can notice that it does not serve us in making decisions, but the vibrational byproduct can serve as an awesome challenge to be courageous and productive." 

Instead, you must be vigilantly curious and shine the light of awareness on your internal tornados. Ask yourself questions. Most importantly, tell yourself that you are feeling anger and allow yourself to feel it. How does it feel in your body? Your head? Your thought process?  Simply, breathe through it. Recognize it as one of the best opportunities for you to leave, love and grow as an individual. It is all part of the human experience. We all experience anger. Most of the time, we don't care to be patient or to listen to what it is telling us. 

Anger is a gift. It shows us the dark so the light can come right in. It teaches us so much on how we view ourselves and the state of our inner peace. It is important not to act rash on it, but you can feel that anger and use that energy to do something creative, spontaneous, kind or resourceful. It is standing up for the change you want to see. It is making the conscious effort to relax into your faults and unique quirks. 

Be grateful for your anger. 
Thank your anger. 
Well actually...
It's not your anger. "Your" is a possessive term and the concept of possession deals with the ego. The illusory sense of self. When you say "your anger" it is your ego taking the wheel. Anger is simply a chemical reaction inside of you. Recognizing this is key. Like I have said above, when you identify with anger, that is what you become. You identify with a passing emotion. You simply don't let it pass when anger becomes your identity.  
Let it pass and it shall. 

Let the anger swim like a fish. 
Labeling it as bad is unfruitful and unproductive. See the grace in the experience of the anger. See the amazing opportunity to learn and grow. 

Most importantly, don't forget to breathe !


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