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Saturday, July 23, 2016

Doing what's right...

That inner voice calls out to you. You hear and try to shoo it off. You try to push it aside as if it was a hindrance. It is that particular inner voice that is telling you to do "What is right".

It doesn't mean that it is what you "want" to do. It doesn't mean that it is convenient or the path of least resistance. It is the path of growth and strength. It may spur anxiety inside you. It may scare you and make you breathe heavily. It is the resistance that is making you suffer. Since, what you resist persists. 

It is easy to avoid when we are driven from unconscious patterns and behaviors. It is easy to cover up with distraction and entertainment. It arises within us without aggression. It is that calm and humbling voice that beckons us to step out of our comfort zones in order to shake us into service. 

What is doing the right thing? 
Is it heavily dependent on our narrow persepctive and the context of a situation? 
Are they small momentary actions that are threaded your life? 

Is doing the right thing a way of life? 
A conscious choice? 
A unshakeable lifestyle? 
A reflection of morality? 

A true action that arises out of "doing the right thing" comes from a place of conscious awareness. When one can be present, still and able to listen to what beckons inside of them, they can act on virtuous and moral grounds. These true actions are void of what the end result is. If the ego takes control, it is using you as a host for it's own proliferation. It may trick you into thinking that you will "be doing the right thing." 

The quiet and gentle inner voice is what we must listen to. The pressuring and loud scathing voice is the ego trying to assert control. 

If you are "trying" to do the right thing, you are trying to manufacture an outcome to please yourself and others. Doing the right thing then turns into an action in order to escape discomfort or out of guilt, shame or other internal pressures. When an action is made out of guilt, embarassment or shame, it is merely acted upon through unconscious motives. It will trick you into thinking that doing the right thing is only pertinent when you in a sense have felt you have done wrong. 

Do we simply do the right thing because we feel like we need to? 

Do we do the right thing to make ourselves feel better? 

Most of this " doing the right thing" revolves around what we feel. We feel like we must do the right thing in a situation. This can come from our intuition or misguided or guided emotions. Emotions play big part in our actions. Are we simply acting under the emotions that are controlling us?

Do what "feels" right. 

We may be guided from our moral compass to enact a right action. It calls to us. It is not something that is pushed for or a check off the to do list. Sometimes we refuse to do the right thing out of convenience, embarrassment or overwhelming anxiety. This is acting under unconscious pressures and not really doing the right thing. 

You cannot push yourself to do the right thing. It must pull you in. It arises out of the stillness of the mind and the conscious compassion that fills in that inner void. It is not an agenda. It is the physical manifestation of inward acceptance and knowledge. 

It is the aha moment without trying to label it as the "aha moment". 

One cannot "try" to do the right thing.
When you label and try to do the right thing, it ceases to be nothing but a motivation based on outward factors, emotions and the desire to fulfill or improve. 

Doing the right thing is much like love. 
You don't love as an action. You are love. 
Pure love. Pure forgiveness and acceptance. You are the right thing and your actions will arise when necessary. 

Doing the right thing is much like happiness, when you try to seek it or obtain it, it floats farther away from you. When you are with what is, you can observe what floats to the surface. Without question, you will know intuitively what "a right thing is" without necessarily committing to it. You will act without question or thought and you will embody "the right thing". Doing the right thing will move through you. Your presence will lay the ground work for conscious and virtuous action. The act of surrender will inform you. Craving will cease and a divine and warming glow will eminate. 

You will receive what you have to give. 
If you think you have nothing to give, then you are still in a realm of unconscious self. The self doubt will rise to the top. When you stop resisting, your idea of your own self worth will dissipate and transmute into unshakeable strength and presence. 

You will soon realize the fallacious nature or trying or even "doing" the right thing. 


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