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Friday, July 15, 2016

Lessons from Ants

I'm here sitting on the curb. I see ants around my feet. They are wandering aimlessly. Well, from what I can see. I can't get into their little complex brains. It seems that they work together, without question. They exist and do without speculating on whether it is right or not. They work together to lift things way over their own body weights. 

I'm sure their network under all this asphalt is strong. Long tunnels stretching underneath the ground. They have made use of what is available. Something in their way? 
They work around it.  

Their community is for the benefit of everyone. Finding food. Building tunnels for new ants. Making sure the queen is able to produce more ants. Making sure she is protected. 

Although they are constrained to their own genetics, they simply exist without judgment and condemnation. They exist to proliferate the ant existence. Pretty basic biological function. 

What can we learn from ants? 

Although we have thought and a different level of consciousness, we can look at how the ants work together. We have the power to appreciate our differences while doing things cooperatively. In a way, cooperation makes us grow as a community and individuals. 

Unlike ants, we can actually see and promote the strengths in others and see how they can use them for the benefit of everyone. We can be conscious of our behavior and the behaviors of others. How can we utilize our skills for the progress of our own community? 

Conscious action. 
Direct action.

How amazing is it that we can utilize our own interests and skills for the progress of our own community? 

We tend to forget that the human race is part of nature. We get lost in individualization. We have our own houses, cars, personal spaces, phones and isolated interests. As individuals, we all have unique advantages and differences. As humans, we have a need for socialization and acceptance. We exist together and work together even if we feel lonely or isolated. 
Sometimes we see our work as work, but we tend to look at the fact that we are part of that human network of helping others. Providing a service. Providing a purpose. No matter how small. 

Small steps lead to big things. 
One step at a time. 

That dinner you had last night. 
Where did it come from? 

The grocery store. 
Before that, a truck. 
Before that, a farm. 
Before that, a generation of people focused on proliferating their own self interests in their business or the procreation of the human race. 

All of this from the cooperation of individuals. Each one expressing an economic function. A function to benefit a person down the line. Whether it be generationally or simply a step by step process to your dinner plate. Each person having a specific set of knowledge and skills. They may only see it as a job, but the what they cannot see has a bigger impact down the line. 

Ants and people both have the power to care for their community. To help carry a heavy object. 
To help build new safe places to care for and raise the young. 
To work around obstacles. 
To work with what we have without complaining, casting judgment or condemning others. 

Unlike ants, we can act with compassion. We can focus our attention on each task with grace and ease. We can focus on our breath. Breathe in our stress and breathe it out. Moment to moment. 

We get stuck in our heads. 
We tend to ignore ants because they aren't in our line of sight. They are there. All around us. Living peacefully with what is. Living cooperatively within the Eco system. Look at what's around you. See how the ants move and interact. See how they cooperate. Don't try to label or explain what is happening. Just look at and appreciate. Don't interrupt their movement. Let them be. Let them exist around you. 

Appreciate the abundance around you. It's there if you choose to see it. 


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