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Sunday, July 3, 2016

I am taking off my shoes.

I am taking off my shoes.
That is the action you perceive me doing. 
In actuality I am not totally taking off my shoes. I'm stuck in my own head. 
I'm use to taking off my shoes in the same type of pattern when getting undressed or simply trying to get comfortable. I tend not to think about it too much. Why would I need to concentrate so much on taking off my shoes? Seems silly doesn't it? 

Well, it's not about concentrating per se. 
It's more about letting yourself be with what you are "doing". It is the action if getting out of your own head. Getting out of your own way. It is about actually being all there. All in. Pacing out each action and doing them fully.

Here is a practice you can do. 

If you are taking off your shoes, simply tell yourself ( in your head ) that you are taking off your shoes. 

" I am taking off my shoes." 

This brings you right into the moment of what you are doing. It clears your mind and merges your awareness into the action going on. It is making the unconscious conscious, shining light onto awareness. This simple practice of narrating your actions can make you more conscious and have a more direct, clear and fluid mind. 

This can work with everything you do. It can also work with your moods and emotions. 

If you are feeling sad or anxious, simply tell yourself what you are feeling. Take a deep breath in and breath slowly out. Observe how you feel. Do you still feel sad? It's ok if you do. Simply telling yourself how you feel will help you feel and navigate your emotions. You can witness your passing emotions and not fall victim to them. This takes quite a bit of repetition to really get the hang of it. This practice will help you strengthen and grow your emotional intelligence. 

See the beauty in the small actions. Pay attention to how you are doing each action. Pay attention to what you are doing. Some unseen things may arise. Things you thought you would have never thought of. Do not over analyze or criticize. Let them inform you. Let them tickle your curiousity. The more conscious you are, the more you will witness the unseen. Each small step is a big step for personal growth. 

If a small action is frustrating you, take a breath and redo it with ease. Reaffirm what you are doing in your mind. Don't rush. Let it breathe. Let the emotions come and go. Do not get too attached to small hiccups or uncomfortable emotions. 

You are nearing the end of this piece. 
You are reading with full attention. 
You will finish this reading with a deep breath in. 
You will breath out the stress. 

You will take off your shoes.
( If they aren't off already. ) 


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