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Friday, June 10, 2016

While you were...

While you were reading that political article...
A young man was opening a door for an elderly woman.
While you were standing in line to order tacos and looking at your phone,
A cucumber was picked from a backyard garden.
While you were stuck in traffic, 
A man on his bike found a tree to sit under.
While you were thinking about what to eat for lunch, 
A panhandler got a free sandwich from a friendly driver. 
While you were worrying about your significant other's feelings, 
A mom went in to hug her daughter. 
While you were condemning someone's actions, 
A man waved at a grumpy looking man, 
While you were getting impatient with a friend, 
A young woman bought some of the groceries for the struggling mom and in front of her, 
While you were judging a coworker, 
A man smiled at a group of walking tourists, 
While you were watching tv, 
A college student tried his hand at learning how to ride a unicycle, 
While you were bored, 
A young girl picked a dandelion in a park, 
While you were complaining about the heat, 
A man in a business suit smelled some newly cut grass, 
While you were scrolling through the feed, 
A girl listened and gave advice to a hurting friend, 
While you were missing out, 
A squirrel chased another squirrel up a tree, 
While you were sighing, 
An old man whistled on a bench. 
While you were complaining, 
A young boy enjoyed a hot tortilla.
While you were too busy to see, 
Others were living,

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