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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Did you see that thing ?

Did you see that thing? 
Oh you missed it? 
It went right by you. 
You were busy. 
You were distracted. 
That's unfortunate. 

No, I get it. 
I mean this thing was cool. 
I don't think it will ever come back. It probably won't happen again. It was in the moment. Call it special. Sure. Call it amazing. Alright. It was something short that happened. It definitely was unique. Does it even matter? 

Probably, not.

It could have enriched your life. It could have changed your mind. The fact is it didn't. Maybe I can change your mind. Maybe pointing out how important that thing was will shine some light on your awareness. I can't describe it. It would defeat the purpose. 

You weren't here. You were somewhere else. Although we were at the same place and the same time, we really weren't. I guess you never really missed it. You didn't see that thing. Things will go on. Maybe something similar come along, but it definelty won't be the same. 

You can do it. 
It's not too late. 
To reconnect.
To pay attention. 
To surrender your mind to the moment. 
Then out of nowhere, 
You'll finally witness "that thing". 


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