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Thursday, June 23, 2016

The blessings of being broke

Some of us dread being broke. 
Living paycheck to paycheck. 
Barely making ends meet. 

We may think we are caught in a vicious cycle of poverty, but do we really try to see the benefits of being broke? 

Having very little money can force us to prioritize the important things in our lives. It also helps to make us more conscious, creative and resourceful. 

It is like that old adage. 

" it is not about how much you make, but how much you spend." 

Or something of the like. 

This is true on many levels. Our western culture has conditioned us to be more materialistic. It guides us in making convenient choices based upon purchasing things that may or may not "better our lives." In a way this is a good thing because we can buy things that will make us have more time for the things we really want to do. 

Conspicuous consumption a runs rampant in this culture. We may think that spending a few bucks on a snack or a drink at a convenient store won't take too much out of our bank accounts. Then we fall into the habit of doing it more often or not. It makes sense. If we have a car, are more prone to stop at places that are quick to satiate our appetites and hunger. So all in all, the little things sure add up over time. 

When we develop an unmindful spending habit, we trap ourselves in the illusion that we aren't actually spending that much money. We lose track. Especially when we pay with a card. We may think we have enough money, and maybe we do, but that disposable currency could have been used for better things. We could save the money for experiences, future investments and for emergencies. The culmination of all the small and unquestioned purchases could significantly change our lives for the better. 

You may not be broke forever. This the good thing. Instead of seeing "being broke" as a bad thing, see it as a teaching of recooperation. See it as something happening for you and not to you. A time to reflect on past financial sins and act with responsibility and awareness. 

Being broke allows us to switch from a habitual consumer to a creative discoverer. It allows us to see the things we overlooked in the past and ask questions. 

Do I need that? 
Will I be using that in the next 6 months? 
Can I get by without buying that? 
Can I borrow? 
Can I share? 
Can I trade services or get paid for doing small things for friends or willing individuals? 

Instead of moping around, we have a chance to really use having little money as an advantage. We can make the unseen seen and submit ourselves to the challenge of creative solutions and critical thinking. 

I have found from personal experience that not worrying about money has yielded some unexpected and interesting results. I find that I get more access to free food, drinks and things simply given to me. Is this a sustainable model? To an extent it is. When we switch from an instant gratification mindset to a more mindful and critical awareness, we can open ourselves to things that we never thought we needed or wanted. We can see our friends and people as a valuable commodity to pull from. Whether it be borrowing, sharing, trading or simply asking for something that doesn't require the need to impulsively spend money. 

What value do you have to offer? 
How can that value influence your non spending decisions? 
How can your value save you money? 
How can your value make you money? 

We have a choice to switch from a grievance and victimhood mindset to a mindset of gratitude. The more we focus on the illusory and negative aspects of being broke, the more we perpetuate that which makes us discontent and lacking money. We have a choice.

We can be grateful for what we already have. This may seem obvious, but also forgotten. Being broke can weed out the discretionary aspects of our lives and shine the light on the important relationships around us. 

Your vibe certainly attracts your tribe. 
Abundance over Deficit. 
When we can see the amazing gifts that all around us that don't need our money or cater to our compulsions, we can see and build a new world for ourselves. 

The more time you spend not spending money, the more doors you will open for yourselves and others. 


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