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Thursday, June 16, 2016

They sided with them...

They sided with them.
They saw what they were doing and decided to join the team. Without question, them became them. They thought all alike a patted each other's back. They didn't agree with them. The other them. They saw them as a threat. They saw them as different and Ill minded.

They forgot.
They forgot that they were them. They forgot that they use to be them. They created them and them created the they. Without thought, without skepticism. 

They separated. More thems and theys to discriminate. Their concern and disdain for they created a bigger divide. Pretty soon they realized that them will be and never be they. 

It was now them vs. they.
But they and them were cut from the same clothe. Seeded from the same place. Born into the same bodies. 

They created the them they wanted to see. The "other". The "bother". They used everything they said against them. Them had to do the same. A vicious cycle. An endless unconscious loop. 


They came after us. They and them seemed to feel united when they and them found out about us. We were no longer we. We was gone. They labeled us. It was easier for them to pick, point and blame. They made us into what they and them wanted to destroy. It seemed like that conflicts of they and them before were trivial and inconsequential. Sure, they and them never fully agreed, but they could now unite against us.


They and them are still us. "We" are one of the same. The ideologies tore us apart.  The incentives for more power distracted them from themselves. The saw us as the enemies when we were only reflections of their insecurities. 

They turned a blind eye to their individualities. Their unique skills and trades. Their unique ability to accept and cooperate. Their ability to work on themselves and grow. The fixed mind sets changed the game. At each other's throats. Behind each other's backs.

As they, them and us were in the middle of a skirmish. A mass event happened that made us question our motives. The tragedy united us and lit a fire inside all of us. We put down our fingers and picked up some mirrors. We became uncomfortable. Some resisted. Others accepted. The line between us, they and them was slowly being rejected. 

We forgave. 
We recognized our faults and inconsistencies. 

The lines. 
They faded. 
We sung. 
We related. 


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