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Saturday, April 30, 2016

You are influential beyond words!

Have I told you that you are influential beyond words?

Most likely, I have not. There are actually no words that can describe your influence.
Well I can think of a couple, but that is besides the point. Think of the impact you have had on your friends, families and partners. You may not see it. I understand that. It is hard to see the impact of our influence when we are caught up in worrying, mind games and constantly trying to make ourselves appear busy.

Do you take the time to see how much you are giving or how much you are supporting the people around you? I am not necessarily talking about the close friends and family members, but the strangers we drive by in traffic and walking down sidewalks. We are used to seeing people we do not know and sometimes we choose to keep in our own heads and not acknowledge their existence. Maybe we are having a bad day or we got some upsetting news from an employer or a friend. What if you were to look past all that monkey mind nonsense that keeps you from being present, and simply accepted it? What if you were to focus on giving off a radiant energy instead of being afraid or uncomfortable of other people?

We tend to downplay the impact we have on some people. Why is that?

A person might give us a wonderful compliment on how we inspired them to start writing or exercising again and we act as if we had nothing to do with it. We get embarrassed and uncomfortable and try our best to change the subject.  Instead of accepting it and growing it, we resist it as if it were the plague. Maybe some of us don't want to be the spotlight of attention or we feel that we need to reciprocate the compliment. We hit walls that make us scurry like rats. It is important to notice this discomfort in order to grow from it. Don't you find it strange that we can easily express how we have been influenced, but feel odd coming from the receiving end?

Maybe it's just me. Maybe other people take things like this more lightly or they even try to feed their ego with it. In any case, what a gift it is to have an impact on someone's life! The awesome thing is that we may not even expect it or plan on influencing another person. This is one of the best things. When we lead by example, we have huge success in influencing other people. When we come from a place of authenticity, we can inspire the authenticity and infinite potential in others. Being influential isn't necessary reserved for the people you know. Being influential means living your life the way you want to live it while respecting others, being kind and having self knowledge. It is not about TRYING to be INFLUENTIAL, but rather living a life that radiates out to others. The inner reflects the outer!

Think of yourself as a rock that is dropped in the middle of a lake. What happens?
The rock makes a wave of rings that radiates outward. The rock didn't intend to make those waves, but it was cast with intention. Those waves are your influence. The people you surround yourself with will catch and feel those waves. What will those waves consist of?  What kind of vibrations are you sending out? Will the waves carry any judgment or negativity or will the waves carry awareness, attentiveness and compassion? Are the waves more inviting than dispelling? These waves are for everyone. The ones that will vibe with those waves will be important people in your life.

Your radiance is impenetrable.
Should your waves of influence be for everyone?
Project the same waves for the homeless man as you would one of your best friends.
Let your radiance be seen by the angry man, by the sad man, by the disrespectful.
Give them a chance. Let compassion ring and your joy sing! Nobody can bring you down when you are present and responsible for all your internal and external reactions.

The mad man may not life your presence and feel uncomfortable. Engage him with a caring disposition. If he chooses not to reciprocate, be grateful for his presence and accept him for who he is. Your influential being has no room for negative and unconscious energy.

"Be Good"- E.T.


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