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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Hey! What's the big idea?

Hey! What's the Big Idea?

Yea, you heard me!
Seriously, what is the big idea?

I am in the market for looking for ideas of great magnitude. Ideas that can create change in positive ways. In ways that I couldn't imagine. I am interested in the ideas that can sprout trees of great inspiration. Ideas that can make way for even greater ideas.

But, what makes a BIG idea so big?
Are Big Ideas necessarily good?

Ideas emerge out of the soupy caverns of consciousness. As humans, we have the opportunity to manifest these ideas into reality and action. Ideas can also be intoxicants that can control us. They can make us lose sight of our health, relationships and the way we treat others. We can become slave to the ideas, where means to an end becomes the main driver in our existence.

Ideas can be gifts or poisons. It is important to realize that ideas are not us or a part of us. We can choose to interact with the thoughts that pop up in our mind. We can engage them with passion, awe and determination or shoo them away like gnats. When we get intrusive thoughts or ideas, we can fall into states of disarray, unconsciousness. anxiety and even mania. The more we resist powerful thoughts and ideas, the more they persist. It is important to see ideas for what they really are.

When we become present and conscious and learn to see ideas as balloons that float in the landscape of consciousness, we can see them for their authenticity. Really powerful ideas make us feel sensations in our bodies. We can get goosebumps, a shot of adrenaline and a cool hit or dopamine. Powerful ideas can launch us into new states of awareness that will allow us to be vessels for creative inspiration and change. These ideas exist to wake us up so we can wake up others. These ideas are so powerful that they can make waves with very little effort.

The spirit of BIG ideas starts with small steps.
It starts with the patience to ask questions on the true nature of the idea.
It starts with the ability to separate yourself from the idea so the idea does not become a soul sucking tick that treats you as a host for its unconscious bidding. A really good idea will stick with you even if you forget it. In fact, I think it is important to let the idea develop organically as if it was a budding tomato plant. You can water it, but not over water or it will die. You can nurture its growth by simply seeing it for what it is. Do not force it. It will give you answers and inspirations. Sometimes in bursts and other times in small doses. This is the mystical nature of ideas.

It is amazing to see the vast spectrum of ideas. It is amazing to see how they come into being. Sometimes uninvited.

Here is an interesting scenario:

You are sitting at a bus stop waiting for a bus and see a man walking with a bouquet of flowers. Some of the flowers are purple and the purple reminds you of eggplant. You immediately start craving eggplant. Your mouth waters. Your pupils dilate.

The hunger for eggplant makes you want to get some eggplant to make a tasty dish. You start thinking of places to pick up some ingredients for an experimental eggplant dish. You take to the internet on the phone for clever eggplant recipes. You start thinking of where eggplant comes from. You become interested in how to grow eggplant. You realize that you have plenty of space in your backyard to grow eggplant. You start looking into starting a small garden.

In the next couple of days, you passionately organize your schedule to accommodate the gathering and buying of gardening materials. You start growing eggplant. You make a Thai Eggplant dish and share it with friends. Your friends love it! They get inspired to start growing vegetables and ask you to make your special eggplant dish over and over. They start trading with you and paying you.

Word on the street is that your eggplant dish is amazing.
You start to make a decent amount of money.
You hire someone to help you sell and market your eggplant gardening and specialty dish business.  You are driven to pursue this idea. You find your passion.

Now, Why did I tell you this small story? Good Question!
I do not know. I had no really logical explanation for why I would use eggplant in the first place. I have not taken the bus in quite awhile. I have no familiar ties to an eggplant business.

Now that I think about it though, I did have a dish at a Thai restaurant last night that included eggplant along with some delicious vegetables. As I am writing this, I am uncovering things I did NOT plan on writing. Where did these ideas come from? Am I in complete control of what I write or for what I am thinking about writing?

Ideas can lead to some profound discoveries of oneself and their perception of the universe around them. When you can divert your attention from achieving, acquiring and lusting, you can start listening to your mind and heart. You can set the stage to see the magnificent theatre that happens when you are awareness and not attached to certain ideas of thoughts. You can pull back to see how you have fallen into certain habits and behaviors and truly grow as a human being.

How amazing it is to be able to have ideas and to act on them if we choose.
How amazing it is to be able to see that there are some many spontaneous events outside of our control that.

When we can let go and RELAX, we can open ourselves to things we have unconsciously closed off for ourselves in the past.


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