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Saturday, April 16, 2016

Thinking Small

Think Small!

No, not that type of small

It's about being aware of the details in your life. The small ones. The ones that exist in your day to day life. They may be part of your routine or may be things you tend to overlook. 

We live in a culture of Thinking Big! 
Big Picture thinking that allows us to dream to project our intentions into the universe. Bigger! Stronger! Faster! 
Not that there is anything wrong with that, but it does ignore the details. The devil certainly in the details. Or at least in the unconscious actions we take from moment to moment. 

Really I am talking not so much about thinking small, but acting small. Focusing on small actions for the sole intent of being present. It is much like a snowball effect. Each small aware action or mindful activity acts as a catalyst for bettering your future self and the actions you will take in the future. 

These small actions may not even be a part of your long term goals, but I can assure you that it will help. Some Thinking Small and Doing Small activities may include some of these. 

- Mindfully making your bed
- Preparing meals for the day or week
- Decluttering your living space
- Consistently cleaning your car 
- Accompishing small tasks for a bigger goal
- establishing daily exercise routines as a baseline for building and exploring.

Each small action that is done with totality and your full attention will allow you to grow and become a more confident person. When you focus on your presence and solely on the activity itself without it being a "means to an end" , you are opening doors of unseen opportunity. What kind of conversation are you having with your future self? What kind of doors are you opening for yourself?

Small Actions can make a big difference. 
A small act of kindness can brighten someone's day which may in fact spread more kindness. A small helpful gesture towards a stranger or friend can help someone grow and appreciate the help of the community. 

As annoying as it sounds, smiling is contagious. It sets a domino effect. It shines through the dullness of modern society. 

Seeds can turn to trees. 
Many of the trees turn into a forest.
The forest works together supporting all sizes of life and communities. 
One small action can bring about change. 

We are blessed with the opportunity to choose and make ourselves more aware of our actions. We can choose to grow by paying attention or unmindfully stagnate into a boring routine. We can improve. We can approach with compassion. We can monitor our responses. 

When we act with full awareness and willingness to accept the moment at hand, we can act in the best possible way given the information we have at the time. 

The small things are teachers for the biggest parts of our lives!


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