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Thursday, April 14, 2016

Drop It!

Something bothering you on your life?
Are things not working out for you?
Do you constantly feel anxiety or worry most of your days?

Fear not. 

There is help for you.
It's this magical thing called "Drop it".
This thing will help you in ways you would have never thought of. It will make you a better person. More improved. More aware. More happy. 

It's like letting go.
Well it is pretty much is letting go.
Letting gong things and thoughts that no longer serve you.
They no longer have a purpose. 
They no longer need to try to control your life.

Worried about what is coming next?
Drop it!
Angry or mad at a friend or coworker?
Drop it! 
Still holding on to the "good old days" of your past?
Drop it!
Still hung up on the same person or ex lover ? 
Drop it! 
Still kicking yourself for past decisions? 
Drop it?
Still hanging out with the same crew of people that aren't helping to foster your growth as an individual?
Drop it! 
Still eating like crap and drinking too much?
Drop it! 
Still harshly judging or criticizing people? 
Drop it! 
Still feeling depressed with your job?
Drop it! 
Still discontent? 
Drop it! 
Still being negative?
Drop it!

Feeling lighter?

When you allow yourself to carry it all,
You are weighed down and distance your self from your authenticity and potential.

Why not just drop it ? 
Any moment,
Every moment,
Breathe and take it all in,
See if got what it is. 
Put it down or throw it on the ground. 
Keep walking and smiling. 


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