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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

The Stillness That Surrounds

The Stillness that Surrounds,

Do you hear it?
You may not see it , but I can assure you that you can feel it.
You can feel inside of your skin. You can feel it around your head.
It's There.

When I say there, I mean Here.
Right now. Yes, Right now!
It exists without you and exists within you.
You can't escape it.

It has been here since....forever.
Ever since we can remember. Also BEFORE we can remember.

This stillness is right in front of you. Silently just being.
Not seeking attention.
Not seeking affirmation.
Not seeking gratification.

It is always available to you. It is always there to help you see.
Every second.
Every moment.

It is present. You have the choice to align yourself with it.
It is not really it. It can not be seen, tasted or heard.
It is not a possession. It permeates every cell and every atom.

It just is.
It exists.

Whatever you do.
Whatever action or thought.
Will not change the Stillness.
It is forever still.

Everything revolves around it.
Do you understand?
Do you see what I am saying?

Close your eyes and don't resist.
You're connected now.

Let go and let it breathe!


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