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Sunday, May 1, 2016

Your stubborn fixed mindset

There you are giving yourself labels again. 
You stand almost a foot deep in dirty laundry wondering why you can't be a normal functioning adult in the first place. You go with the convenient excuses like.. 

" Well, I'm just a messy person." 
" I've been super busy and haven't had time." 
" I got super deep into a Gilmore Girls marathon on Netflix." 

Yadda yadda yadda. 

You are conditioned by your habits and behaviors. Sometimes we choose not face the small challenges in our lives and immediately assign it to who we are as a person. Excuses drag us into a habitual tornado of avoidance and stagnation. 

You may be able to accept your faults or shortcomings, but changing them is all about being aware of them and making conscious effort. Are you cornering yourself for future behaviors? Are you perpetuating a cycle that ultimately gives you justification for the way you are? These are important questions especially if you have any inclination or motivation to elevate your consciousness or improve your life situation. 

A fixed mind set relies on having a stern point of view that is resistant against any contrary perspectives. It feeds on your resistance to cling to comfort and ignorance. To transition out of a fixed mind set, one must look inward, be attentive and be open to seeing all sides of the psyche. A fixed mind set will always run you into the ground with platitudes, constant criticism, and lack of emotional intelligence. 

When you open yourself up to be more vulnerable and non judgmental of yourself ,you are seeding a new mind set focused on growth. It is taking in account your reactions to outward situations and inner turmoil. A growth mind set focuses on witnessing the area between stimulus and response and accepting it for what it is. You can let your emotions become your teachers, guides and motivators to advance awareness. 

A growth mind set thrives on questioning information that is fed to you constantly. It is questioning every experience from your past and questioning the perspectives of others from a curious and compassionate point of view. Your discomfort will seed the soil for future growth and new revelations of truth. 

You have bad road rage issues. 
You accept it. You look to see that it has no benefit for you or others. You notice that it does not serve you. You breathe through the anger and let it go. 

A couple of weeks later, you have the same road rage scenario. You remember how you acted last time. You consciously make the effort to "let it go". 

A day later you encounter a similar situation on the road. You have a different reaction. You accept the person that cut you off. You focus on driving better with more attention and awareness. You realize you have grown from how you use to deal with road rage situations. 

What seeds are you planting for your future garden? Are you tending to the care of your plants? Are you letting weeds take over the garden? How are those plants producing? What can you do to have a successful and beautiful garden? 

Many lessons to be learned. 
Much growth to be made.


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