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Sunday, May 1, 2016

Hey, Go Thank Yourself!

Hey You!
Yeah, You!

I have some things to say to you. You may not agree with them at first, but you may change your mind at the end of this piece. I've been doing some thinking and I think that all of us could benefit from a little "thanking". Yeah, you heard me! Now, hear me out.

We are surrounded by "Thank Yous" in our life that we tend to look over. Some thank yous may be empty gestures. We may say them out of kindness or automatically say it to transactions or things given to us in life. These standard and conditioned Thank Yous are a necessity in keeping peaceful interactions intact. Thanking people is an honest and direct form of gratitude. Whether we are fully conscious of it or not, we have great influence upon others around us.

I am more interested in the Thank Yous that deal with you. Yeah, you! Have you thanked yourself recently? For any reason? There doesn't have to be any reason really. I mean, look at you. You have made it this far in life. You are here reading this piece of writing. You are able to read! I mean I am sure you could thank your parents and education for that, but let's focus on you. What are you grateful for that deals with you? Maybe you can thank yourself for being sober for 3 days? Maybe you can thank yourself for cutting the lawn before it turned into a jungle? I feel like the Thank Yous could be endless for you. So....

Why don't you go to the bathroom and Thank Yourself?
Look at yourself in the mirror . Look right in the eye and Thank yourself.
Thank yourself for times that you behaved at a work luncheon.
Thank yourself for the times you took the Uber instead of driving.
Thank yourself for reminding your future self to pack a lunch and put on deodorant.
Thank yourself for only getting the burger instead of the Burger, Fries, Coke combo.
Thank yourself for keeping your cool when someone brought up 9/11 at a party.
Thank yourself for being a good partner.
Thank yourself for making the choices that made you who you are today.

It may seem silly. It may seem uncomfortable. It may seem oddly satisfying.
Just do yourself a favor and GO THANK YOURSELF!


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