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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

You're doing nothing !

Bob walks by an empty corner in a mall. Randy is sitting quietly in a chair that is placed right in front of the corner. Randy is sitting still and has a small grin on his face. Bob goes to talk to Randy. 

Bob: Hello, sir. May I ask what you are doing? 

Randy: I am sitting down and just trying to relax.

Bob: It looks like you are doing nothing. 

Randy: Well, I wouldn't say I'm doing nothing. I most certainly am doing something. I am sitting and being present aren't I? 

Bob: Well true, but you aren't being productive. You aren't really doing anything of benefit or help to others.

Randy: Interesting, I would beg to disagree. You see, I am most certainly benefiting myself by trying to relax and observe what is going on around me and what is inside of me. I am taking myself away from trying to be busy and focusing on how I am doing. Do I need to be busy all the time? What could I do that would be more productive or helpful towards others? 

Bob: Well, you could be shopping in this fine mall or even working or volunteering at a food bank or farm. It seems as if you are being lazy and avoiding certain things in your life. 

Randy: I see the people walking around me that are plagued by compulsive thought. They keep going because they do not want to take time to look within themselves. They are trying to be busy to escape things they don't want to confront. It's always about focusing on doing something or being something. No one just wants to focus on "being". Do you understand where I am coming from? 

Bob: I can see where you are coming from, but you can feel a great deal of fulfillment from productivity. What if you were to learn a few songs or even make poems for a little cash? You could sit at your chair and put out a hat for some strangers to throw cash in. Wouldn't that be a good use of time? 

Randy: You seem not to understand where I am coming from. I enjoy sitting here and letting my mind and body relax. I enjoy paying attention to my breath. I enjoy watching the world go by. I enoy seeing the interactions of fellow man. I have accomplished much today and I plan to do more things later, but I am here now. Maybe a new idea will pop in my head or a new plan with blossom in front of my eyes. It feels good to step out of the rat race. 

Bob: Hm, very intriguing. I'm always from one thing to the next. I never really take the time to evaluate or look inside of me. I thank you for telling me this. What can I do now to be more like you? What can I do to live a more relaxed and peaceful life? 

Randy: Pull up a chair! 


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