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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Fortunately Unfortunate

Look at
You groan.
How fortunately  unfortunate you are. 

Your car is in the shop, but your house isn't far. Your job isn't the best, but it allows you to afford that car.

Let it be known that you have a roof over your head, 
And also the opportunity to sleep on a nice bed. 
Let it be known, 
That you have access to food,
Far removed from hunting and gathering, 
You have the choice to change your mood. 

Things may not be going according to plan, but you're here and you're healthy. 

What a great time it is to live. 
You have an opportunity to give.
You have an opportunity to see everything as an opportunity. 

Whether it be a helping hand or a gift that means something, 
You get what you give, 
Even if it's nothing! 

How fortunately unfortunate you are to miss that bus and see two squirrels fight over an acorn. 

How unfortunately fortunate you are to spill the coffee on your pants. 
So hot.... It may make you dance. 
Let us not forget how it reminds us to not take things too seriously. 
How these little trials remind us to recenter and be grateful for what we already have.
To be grateful for that mole on your back that makes you uniquely you. 
To be grateful for the ability to forgive a friend that yelled at you. 
To patch up miscommunications.
To own up to our own transgressions. 

To simply take responsibility for things we can control. 
Like how we everything. 
To simply accept the things we can't control. 
To simply accept that it may not all be that simple. And that gift is such a great teacher. 

How unfortunately fortunate you are to complain. 
How fortunately unfortunate you are to see the effects of your actions to others.
To see the mess you have made.
To learn from the mess you make. 
To correct the mess that you made.

How unfortunately fortunate you are to be human. To experience the vast spectrum of emotions. 
To taste. 
To smell. 
To excrete. 
To orgasm. 

To be rude. ( and learn from this rudeness ) 
To be kind. 

Mostly, how fortunate you are to even experience this life. 

How unfortunately fortunate we are to move towards death and feel the amazing fragility and beauty of life itself!  


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