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Sunday, May 1, 2016

Who Cares?

Who Cares? 
Do you care? 
I mean do you really care or do you only care when people are looking? 
Do you only care about what people think? 

It seems as if people are doing a lot of not caring these days. Most of the not caring stems from the frustration of it all. We saturate ourselves in enthralling content that occupies our minds. We spend hours on the internet frustrated from the atrocities happening around the world. Sometimes, it seems like not caring is the easy way out. We choose to voice or frustrations and opinions rather than being courageous and curiously investigating the views and perspectives of others. 

I mean who would want to care? 
Sometimes caring seems like a huge burden that we would rather not carry. Caring about something or another person takes a great deal of self knowledge, patience and the willingness to be open. Caring implies honesty and empathy which go hand in hand. When we choose not to care, it is a decision made by our ego. It is stepping away from challenge and fueling the illusory sense of self. 

Should you care more? 

Well, I don't care. Ha! Realistically, you shouldn't try to care so much. You are acting when you are trying to care. It is a force and falsified emotion much like unchecked sympathy and pity. The "I don't care" statement is apathy at its finest and ugliest. It is choosing not to be held accountable or responsible. Sometimes " I don't care " can translate to " I don't want to deal with being responsible and too frustrated to try to engage with attentiveness and compassion." 

When do you really know that you care? 

When you are present and aware of your emotions, you are able to speak with clarity and respond with curiousity and intelligence. If you try to care, you are forcing yourself to become something. You are putting on an ego mask in order for self preservation. Caring arises out of not trying to care in the first place. It is putting on a front and not being vulnerable. When you are present, accepting and vulnerable, true compassion care will arise. This care will be more than just a word, but an opportunity to connect with authenticity of anther human being. The best outcome arises out of not caring about caring in the first place.

Do you still care? 
Is caring a priority in your life? 
If not, that's cool. But be "careful" you don't keep falling into the same flustered " I don't care " scenarios. Catch yourself when you say that internally or out loud. Look at it. 
Why are you saying it? 
Are you just trying to escape important issues or issues that make you uncomfortable? 
Are you seem discomfort as an annoying gnat and not a place for growth to happen? 
Your growth is determined heavily by how you handle the obstacles in your life. 

Who cares what people think?
Who cares if they upset you?

Who cares about yourself? 


You care about yourself first and your care for others will come quite naturally. 


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