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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

What Makes It CheeZy?

What makes it cheesy?

What makes something cheesy?

We all have different perceptions of what cheesy may look or feel to us. We may see something as hokey, annoyingly witty, or quite frankly “eye rolling”, but what really makes something cheesy?

Is there an unwritten spectrum of cheese? If something is more cerebral, serious and artistic, does that mean that it cannot be cheesy? Do we see being cheesy as something that is overplayed and cliche? If we assign cheesiness to a spectrum then it must mean that there are different scales of cheesy severity. One person could see a movie that seems to be formulaic, as cheesy. When we write something off as being “done before” does that necessarily make it cheesy?

One might think that something is cheesy in order to get a quick look or a laugh. By using a cheesiness strategy, one can mimic things that he or she has seen as cheesy before. It may be a way to make a quick buck or even get a few scoffs or laughs from the process. Does this demean the value of the process of the “art”? Certainly, we can have successful art that might be seen as cheesy at the same time.

We may like movies from our pasts that give us a sense of nostalgia. That sense of nostalgia is tied in with the concept of “cheesiness”, is it not? It may remind us of a an awkward time from our pubscent stages of life. Think, ChumbaWumba. You know, the album TubThumper. Or even SmashMouth. If you grew up in the time of these wonderfully decadent bands, then you can see that their music might come off as being a little cheesy nowadays. Back then, your developing mind might have enjoyed it more because of the pop culture that seeped into your brain and the “cool” crowd you hung around. So if we look at it, cheesiness is inherently dependent on the passing of time. One cannot necessarily see something as cheesy unless they have had experience with what they are comparing as cheesy. You compare with memory. The memory is of the utmost necessity of facilitate the cheesiness factor.

Seems Gouda to me.

" Does it have the Resounding Cheese Factor? The potent smell of infinite potentiality?"

So when we recognize something as cheesy, we might just write it off and move forward, but if we enjoy the cheesiness of things, we get a new value from it. A new lease on life. We may start to look for things for the direct intent of seeing of cheesiness it is. Just because something is cheesy, doesn’t mean that we have to throw it away like late Jack in the Box tacos. You hear me?

Some people may see Huey Lewis and the News as cheesy, but you have to take it in context with the time it came out. It was for sure cool when it was blasted out on the air waves. Think about it. I for one, like the music of Huey Lewis. I find it compares to a fine aged cheddar. Great taste and a great texture. Really cuts to the taste buds. I think that his music is great and that when you can reminisce about the era it comes from, you can develop a new sense of appreciation.

Maybe seeing something as cheesy and shooing it away like spoiled a spoiled meat fly is a reflection of our insecurities.

Some of you may feel guilty for liking cheesy things. That is not too healthy. You need to embrace that cheese. Rub that wiz all over your biz. If you catch my drift, brieother. I swiss we could embrace the holy cheese with great courage and integrity! I mean why not?

“ One must go for Full Cheese Factor, where you go all the way, man. You just go for it and push that cheese to the limits. Pushing them cheese boundaries to unthreaded territory.”

So we see...

Cheese comes from the product of time.
We look back from memory and may see it as being cheesy because it doesn’t fit in with the culture of today. So we think it is overdone and overplayed and we point our noses towards the sky.
When we don’t judge or condemn the cheese, we can observe it. Observe and ask questions of why we are ignoring cheese. It is the refined value. That taste palette that we can expand and grow. Through the embrace of cheesiness, comes a new form of spontaneity and flexibility. You can have fun with it. Play around with it. Heat it up, mix it up and put it on some sandwiches.

“ Cheesy Plasticity forms a variety of cognitive and culturally sensitive benefits and rewards.”

Don’t let cheesiness discourage you. Don’t let it taint your sense of value.
Let that cheesiness stink. Smell it with a dainty waft. Soak it in, player.

Sure, you can have your snooty high class things you like, but you can also make a little room for that cheese in your life. A little room for you to appreciate and learn from. Think of the many opportunities that can open up if you just open up your arms to cheese. People can relate. You will attract the other cheesy peeps. The cheese can bring people together. The cheese can bring the fun.

Smell ya later.


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