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Thursday, April 27, 2017

The Sandwich of Knowledge

The Sandwich of Knowledge

There it is. The sandwich of the Knowledge. The ever seeking and the ever stacking.
It exists within us. Within many forms in our own minds. We all have our own particular sandwich preferences. The sandwich wants to continually seek for that knowledge. The knowledge of the outside world and the knowledge of the self.

This is how you stack it. This constant seeking for knowledge means more and more layers of stuff to add to it. Never ending layers you might say. You see, the sandwich//the mind are using knowledge to modify itself. It still exists as the same form, by the accumulation of knowledge and the will to expand. It can only stay within it’s own conceptual relevancy. Get it? It still exists as a sandwich of knowledge because there will always be the restraint and restriction of the bread that exists on the top and bottom of it. The Sandwich of Knowledge wants to continually modify itself to adapt and help survive and proliferate its own existence.

Sometimes the contents of this knowledge may fall and fade away or simply be replaced with something new, fresh and decadent. Sometimes the old the remnants of the old contents will get tucked away or pushed down in order to make room for new sensory knowledge input. We can keep acquiring, but the mind will do its best to use what is best and what is most relevant for what is needed at the time.

Sometimes we see knowledge as a means to sound more “knowledgeable” in a social setting. We may pimp out that sandwich for the benefit of trying to make ourselves seem more orderly, presentable and darn right interesting. What does this do to serve us? Can we just access the different knowledgeable contents for the times that we “think” we need them? When does this concept of knowledge become more of a storage unit for memories and tidbits that tickle our own fancys?

How do you stack it?
Is your Sandwich of Knowledge a Giant Stuffed Reuben?
Is your Sandwich of Knowledge more of a basic grilled cheese?

Our mind wants to keep accumulating knowledge to prop up our “sense of selves.” We may not even be totally aware of its own workings and manipulations. We can question it all we want. We can divide ourselves from this concept of “the mind” all we want, but none of us will bring us closer to what we see as “the Truth”. Sure, we may be able to spout out facts and give out analytical answers to topics and questions, but this knowledge that we hold is all based in thought and thought is rather limiting since thought begets thought and works in cycles and patterns. This Sandwich of Knowledge may look delicious and taste wonderful, but it cannot not radically change itself to become something it is not.

So it doesn’t really matter how many toppings, layers and ingredients we add to the sandwich because it will still remain a sandwich. Do we need to change that? Can’t we just see the Sandwich of Knowledge for what it really is? What more can we really know? Do we even need to know more? What is left to know? Do we even really know?

It’s ok to say I don’t know, certainly. It’s fine to look at how the mind likes to store tidbits, facts and platitudes. It may bring the mind great comfort and satisfaction. We can separate ourselves all we want from the Knowledge Seeking Mind, but that won’t change anything. That will divide us more and more from what is actually happening and just create more conflict. Is this making sense? Just let it be. Embrace that there is only so much we can know at every waking moment. This is how we act. This is how the mind acts. We can only know what we know when we know it. It is a product of time. You cannot have knowledge without time. This is what we know and this is rather interesting.

So the mind seeks for things that is does not know and attempts to use what it already knows to adapt with the outside world and construct your own illusory sense of self. What happens when we don’t know something? Do we immediately gravitate towards things that we might know? Do we immediately gravitate to answers or solutions to the “ I don’t know” statement? If you don’t know about these questions, then that is great. Sit with it. When you see the immediate reaction to try to escape the “I don’t know” state, you will see how the mind wants to try to keep within the realm of the known and try to appease itself with answers that it may think will add to the overly stacked Sandwich of Knowledge.

“ We can only do our best with what we KNOW at the TIME.”
Constant Learning. Constant Collecting. Constant and Consistent Thought Patterns.

We can bite from the sandwich and enjoy its flavor all we want. We can look at with salivary lust. We can embrace it will total joy and hunger.  Is it about the more we know? Is it about the more we want to know? Can we ever act or see out from what we know already? Can we see without trying to analyze while being bound to compulsory thought and the past?

The Sandwich of Knowledge thrives on thought. This is what it knows. This is how it is built. Can we know what it is like to step out of the binding cycle of compulsory thought? The sandwich certainly likes to feed on itself. To reference itself and to make you “think” about the knowledge you already have. You knowledge will be added to in every new interaction and discovery. You will accumulate it like you accumulate bad jokes and puns. It gets stored in your memory. Memory that is conditioned from the past and processed with old experiences and thoughts. What we know can help us and what we know can send us into new territories into the “unknown”.

Can we know and live without being so constricted to what we already know?
Will we know what it means to experience the “unknown”?

I don’t know.


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