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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

I am content generator.


I am content generator.
I am a* content generator.

I create images both satisfying and inquisitive. I disperse them like apple seeds across the digital and IRL landscape. I package them in nice digestible bites and upload them to the noise of the daily grind. That daily life of constant content. That daily attachment to compulsory thought. I contribute to the constant expression of fear, desire and doubt. I process what comes in my mind and blend it into a more coherent and inquisitive type of cerebral drink. I do this for myself and I do it for YOU.

I must be consistent. I must spread my content consistently with great discipline and vigor. Is the content directing me or am I directing the content? Do I think that my content has any specific significance? Do I think that my content is better than YOUR content?

I dare not compare, for my content is that of my mind and my conditioning. I filter through my own lenses. My sense of self conditioned by time. Conditioned by the past. Conditioned by what seems to catch my eye and hooks my brain. That deliciously decadent brain candy. That neural satiation and cerebral satisfaction. Cream of the crop, where my content floats to the top.

Maybe you will like my content. It is mine after all. I am attached to it. It is part of me, at least I think. What is your reaction?

It’s true. I may get lost in the noise. Lost in the feeds and lost in the constant scrolling of humanoids. Most of my “stuff” doesn’t see the light of day. Some of it I let it out as if it is an experimental dog thing that may or may not disturb you or poop in your yard. It’s all part of the process, trust me. All the bad stuff and all the good stuff. The bad stuff makes the good stuff look better and the good stuff makes the bad stuff look worse. I embrace that. I am ok with not doing my “best” during times of stress and duress. It makes content generating that more fun! Content generating is the like the bees knees of tragedy and the gunk between the eyes of beautiful frogs. The frogs that croak and fetch the golden ball for the princess. You know the story.

It’s the yin and yang. The light and dark. The siren’s call and the dog’s bark.
The content is ephemeral, amorphous and ever changing. The change is constant isn’t it? The change is inevitable they say. Content will be here. Old content and new content will fade. Content will be composted and redistributed. Content will exist as long as their is thought.

I am content with content. Am I content with content? I am not too sure. I shall investigate. I shall allow the content to come out. It shall please some. Some will go unnoticed. That is the nature of the game. That’s how you learn. You learn to make better content from how the older content is perceived. Maybe you learn a little bit more about yourself. Maybe you learn more about your process and how you choose to make content. We can make content within the comfort of our own home or make it with friends at a coffeehouse. So many opportunities and so many ways to make content.
How will you make content?
How will your content change?
Do you enjoy generating content?
Do you enjoy absorbing content?
Does the absorption of content make you make better content?

Some things to ponder. Some things to juggle in that head of yours. Things all around you. Images in your head. Images from the chasm of social media. Images from the passenger side of your best friend’s ride.

I am content generator.
I will keep making content with or without you. 
Am I simply a reflection of my own content?
Am I content?
Am I content?


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