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Sunday, August 14, 2016

The Toasted Bagel of Uncertainty

The Toasted Bagel of Uncertainty 

How do you like your bagel? 
Buttered? Cream cheesed? 
Do you always go for the same carb discus? The same old combination that fuels you with glycogen and spikes your
Sugar levels. 

I get it. You like what you like. You've conditioned yourself to choose the same bagel at the same place for quite some time. It just became part of your routine. The mundane trudgery that almost acts a ritualistic start before your day descends to to certain or uncertain chaos. Maybe that bagel is you trying to hold on. Psychologically gripping onto the instant carb gratification and a chance to be alone with you and that elusive bagel. 

Are we holding too tight that cream cheese spread of security? It's predictable. It's safe. It gives us just enough energy and allows us to fall into a routine that we can look forward to.

You want everything, so you choose an everything bagel. It's the comfort of not having to try something different. I mean what good with that do? You've been choosing that warm everything bagel for so long that it becomes part of your life blood. You wouldn't want a new bagel experience to ruin your day, would you? 

This is where we find that wall. Our comfort becomes the propagator of the monkey mind. It's the safeness of doing the same thing out of efficiency, security and the mindset of not going outside of that "zone". I mean choosing that same bagel everytime is easier than trying to decide on a new bagel, right ? 

That monkey mind loathes that discomfort. It will use anything to try to escape it. The idea of making a new decision creates a new atmosphere of conflict. Should you go ahead and try that new honey butter instead of the cream cheese? Will you regret that choice if you don't like it? There you go sliding into that rollercoaster of compulsive thought. You're uncomfortable. You're experiencing discomfort. This stray from the hamster on the wheel routine has thrown you for an unconscious mind spin. 

So there it lies. You are waiting in line waiting to make a decision. Do you stray? Do you go out on a limb and try that onion bagel? Do you go for the classic that you have always got? That routine carb loaded guaranteed safety net. Or do you take a chance? You'll know that that classic combo of yours will still be there. It's not going there, but how will you know until you try? I hear you. You're concerned with bagel regret or bagel remorse. Well, there in lies an amazing opportunity for growth. An amazing opportunity to learn what you like and don't like.

It is that uncertainty that allows us to grow and unground ourselves. To reach deeper from within. Conflict arises when we resist that uncertainty. When we fear it and see it as threatening to out mundane lives. It's not against us. It's for us. It is shifting from the " I gotta control everything in my life" monkey mind to a wholehearted sense of vulnerability. The switch from unconscious desire to attention, awareness and the ability to simply listen. 

You see that bagel right? It's got that hole in the middle. That hole of uncertainty. That void that allows you to awaken and to not resist. The bagel is you. It is keeping that void empty for love and compassion to filter in. It is not there to try to stuff from outside sources. Your bagel hole soul is like everyone else's. The moment you try to fill it with something, it will create conflict and suffering. It is about allowing the uncertainty to permeate your inner relationship with yourself. When you see the endless void, you can surrender to what is without trying to fill it for the sake of comfort.

The toasted bagel of uncertainty, 
Allows you to simple bee, 
To accept and forgive, 
To cooperate and give, 
To surrender to what is. 

So with this discomfort, 
You can feel it, 
Not try to resist and persist it, 
When there's nothing left to cling to, 
You'll rest easy in you, 
Knowing that this uncertainty will always be there. 


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