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Sunday, August 28, 2016

Spilt Beer// Static Mic

Spilt Beer// Static Mic

Trembling on stage,
Did I forget something,
Is she watching me?
What about that couple up front?
The one sipping wine around a sea of Lone Stars,
 Welp! Just messed up,
You think they noticed? Probably not.
Minor flub, Minor flub,
Ok, Lyrics, damn forgot a word.
Mumble through// Transform it to something "good" sounding. Something unpredictable.

Music loud. Won’t notice. Most definitely, right?
Ok back in the moment. I’m playing remember...
Just relax. But what about that one friend I haven’t seen in awhile.
He’s hidden in the back. It’s dark, I know. What’s he thinking of the show.

Ok.. Solo. Now is the solo. Just don’t think about it so much this time.
Let it flow man. Just let it flow. Ah, gotta piss now. I can hold it.
Halfway through. I’m enjoying myself. Am I just telling myself that again.
I’m just distracted. This is great. Euphoria. Loving it. In the moment.
Here we go! Either 5 people or 50. Going to keep going. Living off the energy.

Just putting it out there.

Many times. Packed or not. It’s not about the room man. It’s about playing.
I’m sweaty. It’s hot up here. That post show drench feels so good.
What will they think when we’re done? Good question...maybe bad question.
Doesn’t matter really. Giving it my all. Even if a few mistakes.
The drummer made a few. The bassist for sure.

Good energy overall. This is living.

Guitarist spills beer. Part of the show. Just avoid the wires and outlets. We will be good.
Small shock from the mic. No biggie. Been through worse. Sound is ok on stage. Head a lot worse. Pretty good mix overall. No reason to complain. Just so great to play. To 1 or 100. It’s good. It’s all good. Why am I talking like this? What will pay be like.

Shut up.

Pay doesn’t matter. I’m loving all this. The people around me. The screams from the small crowd. Everyone is playing together. In this together. Pretty amazing if you ask me. I’m picking it apart. Why? No reason. What good does that do? What good does explaining it do? Am I missing this whole freaking experience?

You always do this. You always try to take things apart. Just be with it. Let is pass. Finish this garsh darn solo. Look out into crowd. Maybe move your hips more. Maybe make some eye contact. Enjoy the mistakes. Each show different.

Do a random bend here.
Good job.

Smile. Song over. Take a drink. Look at drummer to start the new song.

Begin again.


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