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Thursday, February 18, 2016

No more "I wish"

Wandering humans wonder why their wishy washy thoughts are washing themselves away. The perpetual wishing makes one wonder why we wish in the first place. Is wishing an intention set by desire and the imagination? Is wishing an escape from the present moment? Is wishing a dismissal of gratitude?

I wish I weighed a little less.
I wish I could travel more.
I wish I could get my self together for my career.
I wish I didn't date that one girl.
I wish I didn't start a family so early.

What has all this wishing really done for us in our lives. Wishing implies that you want or do not want something. You can desire to attain something or desire to avoid certain circumstances. Sometimes you may wish that you never did something? Sometimes you can wish you never ate that second doughnut. Now, what does that do for you?

Wishing you didn't do something resonates on the same level as wishing for something in the future. It is a retreat from the present and the departure into monkey mind gymnastics. Wishing you didn't do something is simply not seeing the pertinent lessons and growth it has given you at the moment you wished it. It is not taking in account the gratitude that you could be experiencing.

Because of that bad experience, you have grown. By wishing you didn't have that bad experience, you are inviting anxiety and resistance into your life. It is the blinding light that refuses to let you see the amazing gratitude and the person you are NOW! Sometimes an unconscious wish is a reflection  of the lack of presence and the insecurities in your life.

Wishes are empty. Intentions are the root of change and the expression of gratitude. When you set an intention, you consciously making a mental effort to desire something into your existence while accepting the totality of the now and present situation. When you break it down, you can feel the intention light up your body. You can smile and take a deep breath knowing that whether the intention fades or not, you will still be content and vibrate with gratitude.

Ways to Wash away Wishes:

 Accept Now as it is. When you notice yourself telling yourself " I wish", recenter with your breath and accept that you are wishing. Don't scold wishful thinking. Let it flow through you like a faucet.
When you resist the wishing, you strengthen the persistence of wishful thought. Let that stuff ride on through like an uncle who loves to talk about his cats. He's only passing through.

I wish I had a six pack.
Maybe, set an intention to work towards a six pack.
Or question all your wishes.
Put your wishes on trial. Let them talk themselves out. Let them make their own cases.
Observe and just let it soak in.
Are there other valuable intentions in your life that you could be investing more time in?
What holds more value in the long term?
What intentions will work towards are more creative and prosperous life in the future?

Ultimately, wishing has its place in the mind. It is only stuck in one level of consciousness. Mostly unconsciousness. When you wish, you make a choice to step out the present moment. You retreat back into the mind and imagination.  Now, Imagination is important, but wishing is the not best way to use it. Use that imagination to manifest new and creative things. Things that can dance in your head without affecting your psychological state of being. Sometimes saying "I wish" awakens the anxiety monster within all of us. It makes us uneasy and ungrateful. This is because we are not aligned with the present. This is when the mind takes over our presence and authenticity.

I wish that this piece of writing was a little shorter.
I wish that I could stop wishing for so many things.
I wish I had a Cappuccino with Almond Milk right now.

I accept these wishes.
I appreciate these wishes.
I will let these wishes inform me to become more present and listen to why I am wishing in the first place. From beneath this cloudy soot of consciousness, arises things we cannot control. These however are only thoughts.
Thoughts are not you.
Thoughts are in you.
Let them swim.

Don't let them drown..


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