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Thursday, February 4, 2016

A brand new way of thinking !

Listen Up!

I have a great thing to tell you. 
What if I told you that there is a brand new way of thinking? 
This way of thinking could certainly change your perceptions of reality. Perception is reality ain't it? 

This method of thinking can make you really think in new ways. You will think, why didn't I think like this in the first place? You will think, why didn't I think of this? We all have feelings like this most of the time. We think we know what is best for us, but I assure you to think again! 

Who would have thought that thinking could be so diverse? So thoughtful? Certainly, most of us are full of thoughts all time, but does that make us thoughtful? I'm not entirely sure, but I would like to think so? These thoughts of ours never seem to stop. Do they? 

Thinking begets thought. The thoughts you have are perpetuated by other thoughts. This inner connected matrix of compulsive thought has and is driving most of humanity. We are transient creatures stuck in our own heads. Where does thought place value in our life? What good can thought give us in our lives? How can though enrich our lives?

It is curious to think that thinking about thinking could make us go into a thinking spiral. Merely questioning the nature of thought, impregnates a new thought from that thought itself. What triggers such thoughts into being? Are we truly unable to separate our authentic selves from thought? Can we ever be truly thoughtless? 

You are not your thoughts.
You think, but therefore you not are. 
Thinking is of the mind. Thinking are the clouds that float across the sky of awareness and consciousness. Simply trying to get rid or escape thought is an impossible task. Noticing thoughts is a big step in inner growth. Understanding the impermanence and the effect of thoughts upon moods and decision making, is very important in understanding the scope of humanity. 

We share the ability to think. 
What an amazing blessing we have. What a curious existence where we can observe and watch thoughts as they arise within our deep minds. 

If you were to change your thought process or perspective, you would still stay within the same realm as your thought habit beforehand. Simply changing thoughts will only make you less thoughtful of the thoughts and thinking itself. If you see thinking for what it is and do not attach yourself to it, you can see that the thinking is not YOU. Thinking is something that happens to you. Most importantly, thinking is something that happens FOR you. Thinking allows you to remind yourself to be present. It is saying: " I am thinking right now." Or " I am observing that I am thinking." 

The thoughts exist only in your head. They are to be entertained, analyzed and breathed through. They are ways of understanding the inner workings of the mind. They are there for the benefit of expanding your own consciousness.

When you choose to hop on a thought boat, you are choosing to attach yourself to the compulsion of thought. The thoughts will continue as long as you keep thinking. The thoughts will control you if invest most of your focus into thinking. 

Thoughts can inform you.
Thoughts are valuable teachers. 
Thoughts are invaluable masters. 

So this brand new way of thinking is just a deceptive mask of an older way of thinking. This brand new way of thinking is still based on thought and levels of unconsciousness. This brand new way of thinking is not new because it has been thought of before. It is constrained, construed and contrived. It has its limits within the realm of thought itself. Thoughts will all be of the mind. 

Understand the nature of thought. 
Understand how thought can steal your presence. 
Understand how thought can divide from common man. 
Understand how thought can trigger how you behave. Why do we let it run our lives?
Why do we let thinking get in the way of our authentic selves? 
Why do we let thought take over our stillness?
Why do we side so closely with "thinking" and less with "being"? 

These are things to think about. These things that we think about have make us think of the things we think we think about. Look at thought. Is that a thought? 
Is observing a thought a thought itself?

Hold up the mirror to the thought process and one will find the magic and absurdity in the cycle of thinking. Compulsive thought has driven us and we have a choice to break the compulsion. 

Think before you "think".


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