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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

First rule of success

I have it! 
It's the first rule of success. 
It is quite simple really... 
If you are looking for success, it is right here. 
Yes, that's right. Right in front of you.
It may be in disguise to you.
It may seem so far away... 

The first rule of success is simply...
Look like you are busy. 

Act the part. 
Be what you are going for. 
Fake it till you make it. 

The first rule relies on the conviction and intention you put forward. Sure it doesn't involve an award or monetary value, but those are just some byproducts of success. Those are the fruits of success, but the true nature of success is simply being. No need for small tasks. No need for sacrifice. No need for long nights at the office. 

You are simply a success when you aren't trying to be successful. Hear me? 

For the presence brings the presents that no outdated success model that promises you success can bring. 


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