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Saturday, February 11, 2017

Decorating Your Echo Chamber

Let me tell you. I am going to have such a beautiful and attractive echo chamber. There are going to be plenty of colors and things to really make it a fully functional feng shui chill lounge of total comfort and serenity. Designing your echo chamber might be one of the best things you can do for your mental health and it will enhance your life to levels you would have never imagined. Let me explain.

It is important that you pick out the color for your echo chamber. Or should I say colors? Think about your favorite colors and simply imagine how they will look in your glorious echo chamber. Let it settle in a simmer in that pre-frontal cortex of yours. Got it? Ok. Now think about how those colors reflect who you are. Why did you pick those colors? Do those colors make you feel a certain emotion? Do those colors attract certain emotions? Do those colors allow you strengthen your personal identity and tickle the pleasure dome of your confirmation bias?

Echo, Echo, Echo.

What kind of furniture are you going to put in your echo chamber? I prefer recliners and beanbags. Preferably giant bean bags with a woody type of smell. You know the ones. The furniture should be highly comfortable and highly inviting. Remember, it needs to fit the overarching theme of what you want to see in the echo chamber. How will the furniture represent who you are or who you “think” you are? How will the furniture reflect your so called flippant values and principles? Maybe you want to have multiple couches or maybe you want to have some type of hippie patchouli inspired sitting stools seated around a crystal. Think about and maybe flip through a Pier 1 imports catalogue.

What kind of snacks are you going to have in your echo chamber? Are you going to have plenty of sweets or a variety of salty and sweet snacks? Tough decision, I know. There are plenty of options. You need to think of snacks that you won’t really get sick of. You want to think of snacks that you can feel confident about. Snacks you can brag about. After all, you do have the best snacks.

It is important that you decorate your echo chamber with plenty of mirrors. When you are talking to yourself or other like minded people that you *only* allow in your echo chamber, it is important to pose yourself in provocative and profane stances to illustrate and enhance all of your well or poorly constructed arguments. Look at you. Literally, look at you. Let the mirrors literally reflect how you are talking and how you furl your brow when you are so passionate talking about politics and that one Netflix show that everyone likes.

When entering your echo chamber, it is good to come up with a few positive and motivational statements to say to yourself to simply purify and set the scene of the space. Think of things that make you feel good, prideful, solid and morally superior. Here are a few examples:

“ I am a great orator and master debater.”
“ I love to talk about the things I love and really like to harp on the things I hate.”
“ I am good at “zinging” people with my “facts” and condescending satire.”
“ I am smarter and stronger than the people that disagree with me.”
“ I will double down on my beliefs when I feel threatened with things I disagree with.”

There are plenty of things to say and various ways to say it. Don’t hold back. Let the self gloating flag fly and manufacture your confidence like a Little Debbie pastry.

Does the idea in your head of your echo chamber make you feel good? Are you getting a warm sensation through your body that aligns with your personal views? Are you loving the idea of just making your echo chamber super fabulous?


It’s all about you.

Just be yourself and let the Echo Chamber reflect your own constructed identity. Who cares what people think? Just converse with the people that align with your views and shelter yourself from the conflicting views of others. You shouldn’t care and they shouldn’t care. It’s a win win!  Isn’t it?

Think of the fantastic drapes.Think of the amazing floors. Think of the amazing artwork that will reinforce who you are. Think of the amazing possibilities limited to your own pigeon holed values and principles. It’s glorious isn’t it?

My echo chamber may be better than yours, but at least yours is yours and mine is mine. Let’s all create beautiful echo chambers together! ( But Separately ).


Dieter Geisler

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