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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Doing 2 Being

From Doing to Being What are doing? Are you really here right now? Are you thinking about the next 10 minutes? What are you gonna do? Are you stressed over the uncertainty of the future? I feel you. Are you worried about possibly getting "bored" during your day? Are you worried that you simply aren't doing enough? Not being productive enough? Not working enough? Not fulfilling your dreams? Is your monkey mind racing? Are you worried for how you acted towards your partner the other night? You were in a stressed state. A blinding emotional fugue state. Do you just feel like you're not doing "enough"? Not being the best version of yourself that you want to be. Not living up to the your high standards and snooty expectations? Remember when you were an irritable sack of cells with multiple hair triggers? Remember when you use to yell at your lovers? Remember when you use to condemn and judge people you didn't know? That's fine. The great thing is... You're here now. In fact you have always been here. I mean you were "there", but you are "here" now. So really how great is that? How great is it that you have the foresight and the gratitude to learn from who you once were? The opening eye of awareness. The spreading wings of consciousness. Were you simply "doing" things to distract your from your inner work? The work that so begged for your undivided attention. The work that you simple tried to escape through mindless entertainment? So what were you doing exactly? Why not just be here now? Does it really matter what will happen in the next 10 minutes, hours, years? When you are attentive and present, what are you really missing? You certainly aren't caught in the mind rat race. You certainly aren't trying to attain anything to fill that void inside of you. Why not just let it be? Embrace that uncertainty. It's hard, I know. Just feel it out. Why just keep doing things to keep you "busy"? What does that do for you? How does that contribute to your inner growth? Of course, we all need to "do" things. We can't escape that. But it's not about that. It's about being present with everything you need or what to do. It is putting all your attention and energy into even the most minute tasks. Need to do those pesky dishes? Guess what. Do them, but don't hastily try to finish them. You are missing the best part. The process. The care and love. When you are present and aware, even washing a plate is an act of love. An act of appreciation for what is and what needs to be done. You may be like.. " ugh, I hate doing the dishes." That's fine, but why? It doesn't fit in the realm of what you "want" to be doing. So you see it simply as a hindrance and a chore. But what if you were to just do them without attaching yourself to an attitude or personal opinion? What if you were to see doing the dishes as a spiritual practice? Or even an expression of gratitude for what is? You could use that once laborious task as a portal into becoming more present. Reconnecting with yourself. Reconnecting with what is and what needs to be done. You will feel fulfilled in every aspect of the process. If you can't be happy or content, try being useful. Say to yourself how you are feeling. See what happens. Remember to breathe. Give your mind that task to focus on the breath. It wants something busy to keep it occupied right? Give it that task. Take your time. You can always reconnect to the breath. Slow it down. Be one with the dishwashing. Be one with driving your car. Be one with eating your breakfast. That is fulfillment. Switching from Doing to being. From grasping to letting go. From trying to allowing. From forcing to accepting. From discontent to the content of discontent. From Being separate to being part of it all. Accepting every flub, flarb and mistake along with way. Accepting it as part of the process. As part of awakening. Growing. Discovering. Evolving. How ever it comes out. Go with out. Commit to what is and what happens for you. Switch from... "How are you doing?" To.. "How are you being?" DG "There is not trying, no doing your best. Either you do it or you don't do it. You are admitting time while the house is burning." - J. Krishnamurti

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