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Thursday, October 27, 2016

The Abundance Train

Hop on in! 
Onto the Abundance Train! 
All are welcome. All are respected. 

The Abundance train will take you to new heights. New territories. New opportunities. Unexpected twists and turns. You might find the ride challenging, but at the same time rewarding. 

When you decide to drop those complaint filled baggages and embrace the beauty of impermanence and gratitude, you will see so much in front of you. So much that you have missed. So much that you use to struggle with. You are always here aren't you? 

Your mind is always screaming, " Anywhere, but here!" 
It wants you to focus on what you don't have. You focus on the illusory concept of "missing something". It blinds you from what you have. 

You are use to riding a different train. 
The train of thought. More specifically, the "compulsive train of thought." You are on the wrong tracks! Rickety tracks. The narrow train of thought. The narrow mindset. The one that steals your presence and makes you unconsciousness. That unconsciousness birthed out of fear. 

But you forget.
It's all around you. 

As you ride on that abundance train, you can see everything outside that window. The beautiful paintings of life that are there. There for you. There for you to witness and experience. There for you to grow. 

That immense love that radiates from you. 

If you allow it. 
If you accept it.

You can stop resisting.
You can start accepting. 
You can start being grateful for every experience. 
Good or bad.
Well, good or bad doesn't matter. It's a false duality. Your false sense of self places what is good or bad. Your mind puts them into little folders. They are there for you to learn. Some may be incredibly painful. 
Some may be incredibly blissful. 
They are tremendous teachers existing for the expansion of your consciousness. The expansion of your tenderness. 
The expansion of your acceptance. 

It's that conscious action to derail. 
Derail yourself from the unconsciousness compulsive thought systems that have ruled your life. Derail yourself from the clinging to certainty. Derail yourself from the constant feeling of discontent. 

Hopping onto the Abundance Train means the conscious action to accept. To accept how bitter you were.
To accept how uncomfortable you were.
To accept every passing mood. 

It is opening up your eyes to the vastness of support that you have surrounded yourself with. You didn't realize it before. Now you do. Now the veil is lifted.

So it may come down to two choices.
You have...

1. The Train of Compulsive thought.
2. The Train of Abundance and Acceptance.

You see those two tracks in front of you. Most likely the first one has guided most of your life choices. What happened has happened. When you become conscious of the first option, you derail from it. You can then consciously hop upon that train of abundance that is powered by gratitude and acceptance. The awareness that you were not full aware beforehand is a big door opener. 

Hop on board. 
The train can never pass you by. 
There is access in each awakening moment. 


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