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Saturday, November 21, 2015

You caught me in a good mood.

Hey you, 
You caught me in a good mood. 
It's a nice day in my head and outside.
It is a great moment right now. I would hate if you would see me in a bad mood. It is night and day. So many moods and so many problems... 

( end sarcasm ) 

What are moods? 

- Moods are emotional states that we go through in out life. Moods lie on a wide spectrum. Everything from anger to joy to tired and energized. We tend to fix ourselves in our own moods. We unconsciously lock ourselves into these learned patterns of emotional turmoil. Rarely do we just sit and let the mood pass through. The attachment to a mood is a distraction from our true and authentic selves. 

Mood based behavior is common amongst fellow bipedal hominids. Moods are easy to use an excuse. Moods are easy to latch on to based upon the severity and context of the moment. When we choose to attach ourselves to moods, we are choosing to remain unconscious and not reflect upon our inner turmoil or joy. 

You have to reflect before you project. 

Joy arises when you are present. Joy is a byproduct of being aware and grateful. Anger and discomfort are teachers in disguise. One can simply analyze his or hers internal storm and simply breathe through it and relax. When you relax through conflicting emotions, you let it flow through you. If you resist, the bad mood tends to take over because of your added struggle. 

Emotions and moods are great sign posts to look inward. It is a perfect time to ask yourself questions. It is a perfect time to recenter. It is not a perfect time to point a finger at yourself or others. 

Are you in a bad mood? 
Are you intent on staying in that bad mood? 
Are you using your bad mood as a way to escape from the present? 
Are you letting moods pass and teach you? 
Are you taking responsibility for your moods? 

Suffering arises from the attachment to a mood. It is defining yourself through a fleeting set of chemical reactions. There is great growth when noticing changing moods. Moods are the clouds of your indestructible sky. The illusion becomes apparent when we identify the clouds as ourselves. 


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