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Thursday, November 19, 2015

Why are you so offended ?

Why are you so offended? 
What makes you "feel" offended? 
Is being offended an inaccurate and irrational reaction to the context of the situation? 

Surely most of us have been offended at least a few times in our lives. It's a gritting surge of negativity and adrenaline that takes over us much like rage or anxiety. We keep close ties to emotional subjects that have impacted us or loved ones in the past. We adopt ideological biases that veer us to certain mindsets whether they are rational or not. 

When someone gets offended, their brain and consciousness gets hijacked by fear and wavering emotions. A person can choose to react based on understanding where their offended feelings are coming from. When a person over reacts in a rude and emotional way, they are projecting past wounds and separateness onto the offender. The offended in this case has triggered something deep within the offendee that has not been analyzed or understood. The person offended may try to lash back in an order to preserve his or her moral autonomy and thrust the authoritative mindset onto the offender. 

The offender and the person offended are both at fault for lacking self knowledge and awareness. It is important to know what is good and how we see morality, but when it is conveyed in a violent manner it becomes moot and destructive.

The best thing to do if you feel yourself being offended is to ask yourself this. 

Why am I so offended? 

- This question allows you to open yourself up to the present and relax. It allow you to go in deep to see why you feel such disdain and stress. Surely, you are responsible  for your own actions and reactions. Blaming the offender is an escape from understanding of the self and your authentic being. Taking responsibility is the righteous way to escape the unconscious cycle of blaming.

Once we take responsibility and let negative energy move through us, we can move forward without aggression. When we are present with our feelings, we let them dissolve and transmute into calmness. Being offended holds no value. When we see the inherent destructiveness that perpetuates itself in our lives and society, we can truly make an effort to change and move forward. 


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