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Thursday, November 5, 2015

Wake Up, Slow Down

You wake up ready to go!
Ready to execute the tasks that will fill up your day! 
With determination and vigor you go through your morning routine. You follow past patterns and go through the motions. Out the door you go! 

Time is money ain't it? 
It's your imperative to successfully complete tasks in a given 24 period is it not?
Maximum efficiency. 
Maximum productivity.
Maximize multitasking. 

Go. Go. Go. 
Keep moving. 

Where has the time gone? 
Where has your day gone? 

It seemed to have vanished before your eyes. You were meaningfully preoccupied. At least that is what you think. But who am I to decide? 

You were too busy or slow down.
Too busy to reevaluate your decisions. Surely you were just operating under learned habits and the drive to complete menial tasks. 

They say that time flies by when you are having fun. Why is that? Why do we see time as a means of completing errands and floating from one thing to the next? Why have we not explored the elasticity of time itself? We fight against the clock to accomplish things that we think will sustain us or even just temporarily reward our monkey mind in the moment at day's entirety. 

Let's explore the elasticity of time shall we? How can we escape a regimented schedule and really let time flow organically with the way we do things? 

Where does stopping( and sitting or standing) factor in our days?
Where does concentrating on our breathing and watching our thoughts fit into our daily routine? 
You must be aware of the concept of time itself. You must be conscious of your own perspective and rat race. 

When you slow time......
You can....
GROW time! 

When you are aware of what you are doing and align it with the present moment, you are experiencing the totality, fullness and potential of time. Time doesn't turn into a race from one location to another. It doesn't focus on the menial means to an end completions you are use to in the modern rat race of society. 

In each moment you have the potential to calmly respond and react to what needs to get done. Your awareness can guide you into making decisions in concert with the rest of your day. You can pick up the metaphysical paddle and flow with the river of life. The tasks and unseen problems that manifest in your day are like the waves against your invisible kayak. You have the choice to peacefully and artfully react with those waves or panic like an animal and stress out. It is the small moments that allow for opportunity and growth that will shed light and ease us through time. 

These small moments to recenter ourselves are the most important in really appreciating and experiencing time. It is not a necessity to see time as a competitor when you are flowing with it. Of course, this takes practice. Let time be a teacher and let time be a catalyst for meditation. You are a part of time. When you allow yourself to surrender to the construct of time, you allow yourself the freedom to experience more of the unknown. The unknown has the best discoveries and lessons. Who wouldn't want to experience such treasures? 

When you can slow down you can see the true value of time. You can see through the fog and see the importance of what is. Executing tasks will come with ease. 

So what do you do when you wake up?

Focus on that breathing and slow yourself down. 
Do this until you feel a calmness rush through you. 
When you feel the sense of ease, evaluate what you need to do for the day. 

It truly helps to write things out. 
What is of most priority will stand out to you.


Let things unfold. Sometimes a decision is not meant to be forced.
Feel your intuition. 
Knowing is feeling.

Recenter when you feel the need to rush. 


Wake up! 
Slllloowwwwww Dddooowwwwnn


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