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Thursday, November 5, 2015

The Trend Wave

There it is!
You see it?!
Look! look! 


You missed it!
What did you miss you say? 

Well it was the Trend Wave?
What is the Trend Wave you ask? 
I'll tell you....

The Trend Wave is the vacant and transient permeation of what is popular and what is forced upon us in our society. It comes and goes with peaks and valleys. It begs you to stare at it with its flashy colors and mystical seductive charm. It gives the illusion that by participating in a vapid consumerist cycle, you have the potential to be liked and to fit in with all the snooty cool kids. It gives you the idea that by simply acquiring material, one can better his or herself and earn the accolades of their peers. 

Each trend wave is even more bombastic and short as the one before it. It strikes like a snake and fades quickly like an ice cube on a hot plate. It tries its best to cater and appeal to your sub conscious and hidden inner demons. I mean who doesn't want to fit in? Who doesn't want to confirm? I mean why not enjoy it while it lasts? 

You have to stay on point with what is happening. If you miss the latest trend wave you will certainly fall behind and risk being uncool. You'll embarrass yourself in front of your most hip of friends and colleagues. It takes great vigor and investment to be able to afford to be part of the mass consumerist pop culture. It takes a special sense of worry to discipline your mind in dulling itself in order to support the money machine. Just think how hip and fresh you could be at the coolest of cocktail parties. Think of how many opportunities for compliments and reassurance you will get from your friends! 

The Trend Wave is coming,
Coming our way, 
We must certainly not let ourselves stray, 
What's trendy may mend me, 
It may certainly send me, 
Into a state of content,

I'm fully aware, 
That my like is a share, 
Of a bigger material complex, 
I must support this regime, 
And feed this machine,
So that I can free myself from worry. 

I'm a slave to what's cool, 
I most certainly don't drool, 
And all my devices are updated currently, 

Just as long as I know what's new, 
My life won't go askew, 
I'll get the newest gadget, 

I'll let the old things decay, 
And you best stay away, 
From my latest and greatest purchases, 

I'll surround my life with the trends and that's how I'll make my friends, 
And I'll stay with this tingly sensation, 

What's that you say? 
There's a new way to pray? 
It involves spending most of my money? 

Well sign me up for the best thing, 
It sounds interesting, 
Ill take you up on your product, 

I'm riding this wave and looking to stay,
For the next big glittering distraction, 

My blind complacency and desires will soon conspire and take over my human reaction. 


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