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Thursday, November 12, 2015

The Inquisitive Questioning of Questions

What are you doing? 

Yes.. Right now.

Are you wishing you were somewhere else? 
Are you enjoying what you are doing? 
Are you present in this moment or focusing on a past or future thought? 

Is that thought more important than what you are doing at this moment? 
Is thinking about what you were thinking about in a past moment a conducive use of your time? 
Does it make a difference if you figure out what you were thinking or feeling in a past moment? 
Does it make you feel guilty or sad when a thought from a past event or action emerges in your consciousness?

Do you try to resist it? 
Do you let the thought pass as if it were a storm cloud or do you try so hard to get rid off it and it gets louder? 

Are you meeting all your expectations? 
Right Now? As a whole? 
In the totality of your life? 
Are these expectations derived from goals that have definitive ends? 
Do these goals give you the idea that you will be more "complete" if you accomplish them? 
Do you feel less adequate if you are not aligning yourself with your goals?
Do you feel incomplete at this very moment or even most of the time? 

Do you strive for the approval of others? 
Are you constantly trying to be seen or be approachable? 
Are you kind? 
To yourself?
Does this kindness influence your daily decisions? 
Are you being kind to yourself at this very moment? 

Are you doing what you want to do? 
Yea. Right now? 
Are you doing what you want to do with your life? 
Not sure?
That's ok too. 

Are you motivated by the act of asking questions? 
Do you think asking questions about your intentions and modes of thinking are useful to you? 
Does asking questions open up your mind and awareness?
Does questioning everything in your life organically open the space in your head and the doors of opportunity in your life? 
When you aren't immediately reaching for a solution, does questioning widen your perception? 
Does the idea of uncertainty excite you or turn you off? 
Does the consistent questioning of your inquisitive nature make you question why you are questioning yourself in the first place? 

When you question yourself questioning questions, do you tend to question the questioning of questioning yourself asking questions?

Do questions beget questions?
Do questions never end? 
Will there ever be an answer to the consistent questioning of questions? 
Will questions solve anything?
Does it need to? 

Can questioning truly question the purpose of questioning?

Can I ask you a question?
How are you? 
What are you doing? 
And it it worth answering right now? 

If we stop asking questions and start blindly living, 
Will we ever know the who, what, where and how? 


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