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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Oh no my stuff !

Well would you look at that little trinket there! It's so sparkly and nice. It pairs well with that ceramic cat and old looking scientific books. I can see that you have a very nice living area. 
May I see your closet? 

I'm interested in what you have tucked away. Maybe a few forgotten Christmas presents that you never cared for? Maybe some things that you have can relate you to the past, but you are too afraid or attached to get rid of. 

Where does the stuff play a meaningful part in your life? Do you miss the stuff when you're gone? Do you see the meaning in the mountain of stuff? Is it tucked away inside only to relate to at a later time? 

The new things replace the old things. We can all agree that this is true. We can all agree that our closets are filled to the brim from things of the past we may have bought on a whim. Some of these things hold fond memories. When the things trigger past like warm relapses, the object becomes a rememberance marker. We get emotionally attached to the object and chose to hold onto to it since it has given us some meaning to our life journey. 

These meaningful objects become out environment reminding us the importance of surrounding ourselves with material. This may seem fine and unobtrusive, but how many of us question why we choose to attach ourselves to such objects? Do they become part of ourselves? Are they essential in widening our consciousness and helping us grow? Or do they simply make us feel comfortable and complacent molding us into habitual creatures? 

No matter the historical relevance to your life, stuff is stuff and things are things. When we truly see through the attachment of material, we can learn let go of things that no longer serve us. We can observe these memory containers and detach ourselves from the past and place us in the present. When one or a few of things break, what is our reaction? Do we get sad, hurt and angry? Do we immediately fill ourselves with regret? 

When an object of emotional significance breaks, we have the potential to express gratitude for it and let it go. We can thank the binding attachment of memory itself for allowing us to be more present. For to look inward and see that the past is gone, is to accept the present for what it actually is. You will see the objects as mere aesthetic automotons that we choose to decorate our journey. We can gratefully give away and remove these objects with the gleeful intention of giving us more space for what counts, the space within ourselves. When our inner space is at peace, the outer will reflect it. The objects and stuff of necessity will orgnically manifest itself when your inner stuff is dealt with. 

Your Stuff or my stuff, 
It's all an illusion, 
These material things have lead us to confusion, 
It's the barrier we create and the ego we inflate, 
When we latch on to all these objects,
But consider in fact, 
You will always be intact, 
Even when an object tends to break. 


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