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Thursday, November 19, 2015

I'm just sick of your opinions!

Look I have to be real with you. 
I am just so sick of your opinions. Yea you heard me right. I'm constantly bombarded with personal opinions on a daily basis. 

I think this.
You think that. 

I mean it's great. We're all human beings with emotions and all that, but where does this end? What is the value of constantly expressing your opinions on different things? Is there a common ground we can all agree on? 

I think it's time we really evaluate what the value of opinions actually hold. That's just my opinion! 

Most of us operate under some sort if cognitive bias that is influenced by past experiences and what we comsume. We sometimes fall victim to easy persuasion and media manipulation. We gravitate to people with similar opinions and often see ourselves preaching in an echo chamber. How many of us look at opinions in an objective light? How many of us step away from our own biases and analyse them as if they were colorful rocks? 

Are opinions a means to an end? Are your opinions offering a different perspective that might widen the perception and critical thinking of others?
By seeing what value our opinions can offer, we can see how we can grow and spread helpful perspectives among varying mindsets. 

Understanding opinions is a big step in understanding the self and the concept of "I". When you make an opinion and voice it, you are speaking from a place of identity. You are projecting your identity through words and actions. Can an opinion be an expression of an authentic self or can it only be an expression of self interest? 

 "I think this and I am this so I think you should hear what I have to say. " 

When being aware of your opinionated process, you can filter through what has the most weight and value. Is your opinion of the utmost necessity to prove a point or to leave your mark on a conversation or social media post? Why make an opinion in the first place if it may not express any rationality or truth in the first place? 

Opinions mostly derive from the mind. Although an opinion can be derived from past experience, it is filtered through the lense of one individual. This does not mean that opinions cannot be helpful at times. Opinions in the form of advice can aid in more constructive critical thinking for the person asking for advice. A person can accurately assess a person's advice and dissect it in order to fit their needs. In this case, advice exists as an educated opinion filtered through a cognitive bias. 

The subjective spectrum of opinions allow for a great deal of uncertainty and speculation for the real world. Opinions are catalysts for conflict. One person can be so identified with their opinion that they see it as an objective reality. The severe attachment to an opinion is an act of unconsciousness. The identification with an opinion with a delusional attachment to an illusory sense of self. When rationality and common sense wither from a conversation and opinions dominate, there can be no end or resolution. When both parties realize the errors and biases of their own opinions, they can start to make common ground and a path towards reason and truth. 

Opinions are inherently human. Animals and trees do not have any need for opinions. Opinions create the illusion of separateness fueled by the ego. Natural systems are in flow with what is. 

Opinions are part of compulsive thought. They are a never ending cycle that perpetuate itself through experiences and thought itself. Can progress come from this cyclical opinionated madness? An answer to this question would be part of the cyclicl compulsory opinion universe. If you were to analyze this question without immediately trying to find an answer, you would allow yourself to break free from the bind of opinions. You could relax and surrender to the present and dive deeper into your consciousness. What would happen if you didn't have an opinion on this matter? What would happen if you just didn't mind not having an opinion? 

Seeing the opinion process is important in expanding your awareness. The act of trying to completely eliminate opinions would be a resistance to what you are. Being mindful of an opinion will show you the light that your previous opinions have been blocking. The compulsory need to share your opinion will absolve and only be present when you are truly present. 

After all this I ask myself, why am I writing about this? Am I just writing because I have an opinion about opinions? Am I biased in my own opinion of opinions? Could my sense of reality be completely dominated by opinions? I need not seek direct answers on any of these questions. Questioning your own opinions without looking for answers will open you up to the inner connectivity of the universe. How I feel about your opinions is my opinion. When I see your opinion as only an opinion, I can open myself to compassion and understanding. I can divert myself to listening more than trying to just get my point across. I can relax knowing that my opinion of opinions is just an opinion. 


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