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Sunday, November 8, 2015

Go out of your way

Where do you stand on comfort in your life? 
Do you gravitate towards comfortable places, situations and people? 
Do you seek comfort in material and warm thoughts?

In our industrialized society, we search for  things that make our lives more convenient. We tickle our pleasure sensors with instant gratification, molding our lives around ease and expediency.  If some of us are approached with a situation that includes more creative thought and effort, we freeze up or tend to go down a negative spiral. We have been socially conditioned to expect things to go the way they were expected. Easy. On Time. Transient. Thoughtless. Unconscious. 

How do we deal with discomfort? 
Do we see discomfort as a signal to immediately escape the situation or feeling or do we see discomfort as a way to learn to grow? 
When we let go of resistance and flow with the uncomfortable moment at hand, we allow ourselves to relax and be attentive to what needs to happen. 

When step out of our own way, the way of habit and routine, we allow ourselves to be present with the unseen. We get out of our own way and go out of our way to explore and discover new territories. Consciously going out of our own way allows spontaneity and creativity to blossom and come into a hearty and vulnerable fruition. 

It has been shown that taking different routes while driving or walking has a fundamental impact on our neurological wiring. When we stray from predictability and routine, we can open our lives new fresh and new perspectives.

You have to go out of your way to go out of your way. Shake it up. Let obstacles and worldly challenges be teachers for your growth in consciousness. Let the discomfort of the situation to inform and guide you. This is much like much of the teachings of Marcus Aurelius. He said that the obstacle is the way. Non resistance and recognition of what is will surely add spice into your consciousness soup. 

Take a moment to get a friend flowers or a piece of fresh fruit. Go out of your way to show a close one you care by the thoughtful action and discourse from your banal life routines. Let yourself walk with no direction and breathe with conviction. Going out of your way is a valuable intention.


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